Some People Believe That It Is Not Possible to Get Information About the Place

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Some people believe that it is not possible to get information about the place when You are on holiday. Where some people believe that you can get the information. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer of Some People Believe That It Is Not Possible to Get Information About the Place

Past few decades, a citizen like to make trip or picnic in their leisure time. When we are on holiday, some people think that wisdom about surrounding areas is not possible while others claimed that it is possible. Both the notion have own pros and cons; however, I partially agree with the former notion, my inclination will be justified in following paragraphs along with the logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons behind it indicates that it is not possible. Firstly, in this contemporary era, the majority of the humankind has a busy work schedule, they have less spare time for enjoying life hence, whenever they went to picnic or trip on holiday, the main aim is that enjoy every moment as much as possible rather than collect wisdom about the location. Secondly, a myriad of people only prefer the location to show relatives, family members or friends; they have no interest in the place, the holiday is just time pass for them.

On the other hand, for some people this task is possible. The number of people gathered place details or research on holiday; it is also for some occupation such as reporter, scientists. In addition, Safety reasons are also considered. Moreover, insights into the new location and local culture are given priority to collect information about the place when we are on holiday.

To sum up, some people argued that it is likely impossible to gather place information in controversy whenever we are enjoying bank days. Others believe that we can get it. I believe that we go on holiday for enjoyment hence it is hard to mark and get clues although, for safety and insights parameters we can get it.

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