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Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care of The Environment

Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care of The Environment (1)

Some people believe that it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of the environment, while others think this is the responsibility of the government. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care of The Environment

A highly controversial issue today relates to environmental protection. Some people perceive that it is the role of individuals, whereas others see it as the government’s duty. This essay discusses both sides of the argument; then, I will give my opinion on the matter.

On the one hand, some argue that individuals should take care of their habitat. The main reason for this perception is because of individuals’ proximity to the environment. Citizens are usually accustomed to their surroundings. Hence, they will be the ones to know what is best for the environment and what actions to take to fix any defect observed. To illustrate, each inhabitant of Nigeria cares for their environment because they believe no one can do it better than them. In addition, the consequence of a damaged environment is usually borne by all the occupants if they fail to manage it well. For example, the malaria outbreak reported in the Southern part of Nigeria in 2020 resulted from the Negligence of the surroundings by the inhabitants. It resulted in the death and debility of many.

On the other hand, some opposed this idea and believed that the government must look after the environment because they coordinate the activities of the citizens by enforcing rules and regulations. Environmental law enforced by the governing body effectively guides people’s actions, preventing pollution and ensuring that these acts are eco-friendly. Furthermore, they are capable of providing the infrastructure required to care for nature, like recycling and waste segregation machines. For instance, the Nigerian government has imposed some laws and declared the first Saturday of every month as sanitation day. Also, different amenities have been implemented to make the environment friendly.

In conclusion, both sides of the view have their merit. On balance, however, it seems that caring for the surroundings is the responsibility of all community members. This is because they understand the environment better than anyone outside of it and will be able to know the appropriate steps to take to protect it. Similarly, human exploitation harms the environment, so it can only be cared for if they mind their deeds.

Sample 2 Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care of The Environment

Over the past few decades, environmental problems have become a concerning issue. However, some individuals opine that it is the accountability of the general public to take care of the surrounding. In contrast, others are averse to it and believe that government is responsible for protecting the environment. I personally think that it is the joint responsibility of both the normal people as well as of the government. This essay will discuss both views regarding the given notion.

To commence with, the government plays a vital role in maintaining the environment, such as it has the authority to make strict laws and regulations against the industries that pollute the environment. Furthermore, the government can encourage individuals to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and educate them about the detrimental effect on the environment of these resources by organising the campaign at schools, colleges and societies.

On the other hand, It is irrefutable every inhabitant is a unique creature of nature. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of every human being to take care of the environment. Normal people can reduce the utilisation of plastic objects that have a detrimental effect on their surroundings. Apart from this usage of cars emits carbon into the environment, which is the greenhouse gas sequent in global warming. To mitigate this problem, they can shift their demand to electric vehicles and use public transport services rather than own vehicles.

To recapitulate, however, government mitigate the environmental problems by introducing legislation. Although, the environment can be preserved in an effective way if both the government and the general public make joint efforts.

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