Some People Believe that To Reduce the Time People Spend Commuting: Writing Task 2

Some People Believe that To Reduce the Time People Spend Commuting, Parks and Gardens Close to City Centres Should Be Replaced by Apartment Buildings. Others Disagree with This Idea. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

Nowadays ‘the timetable of some modern people greater extent, includes work. That is why some people consider that it would be more profitable if parks and gardens, close to city centres, were replaced by wide kinds of buildings, office centres and roads, explaining this by the fact that it is the best way to spend as much less time to get the working place as possible. I have mixed opinions about this statement, which I would like to provide.

To my way of thinking, having a park or even a small garden in the town would influence the common ecological situation. A huge number of trees, thousands of flowers, and herbs will significantly improve the quality of air and the level of chemicals there.

In addition, the local garden would be one of the most popular places for young families and children. Playgrounds, lakes, and special spaces with benches and tables will make that part of the city the most attractive and cosy. Also, in the case of the presence of sports space, more and more residents add some exercises and activity to their office-sitting life.

On the contrary, I have some alternative thoughts favour the reconstruction of the parks and the creation of business centres and other buildings. From my other perspective, the same places as gardens cover a vast area of town. In some cases, it could lead to a deficit of land for new roads and ways, which are crucial when we get to work. Therefore, many megapolises are not any park- local governmental bodies decided to take care of people and contributed to the construction of highways.

To sum up, while some say that green spaces are unnecessary, I would recognize that having a park is irreplaceable. We must imagine another approach to deal with commuting issues instead of destroying mesmerizing forest zones.

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