Some People Believe that Unpaid Community Service Should Be Compulsory

Some People Believe that Unpaid Community Service Should Be Compulsory in High School Programs (for Example, Working for A Charity, Improving the Neighbourhood or Teaching Sports to Younger Children). to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree? Give Reasons for Your Answer and Include Relevant Examples from Your Knowledge or Experience.

Community service has become one of the world’s most important activities. Some people think unpaid volunteering should be compulsory in high school programs. On the other hand, others think that high school students shouldn’t be forced into community service. In my personal view, I think that including non-profit activities must be applied to all high school students.

First of all, such unpaid volunteering may improve the educational system. To illustrate this point, community service will develop a large number of skills in students. For example, leading a team of volunteers will develop leadership skills in the students. Also, communicating with the team members will increase their communication ability. Leadership and communication skills will greatly help students in their academic future.

Second, students must serve their country from an early age. To explain, that will grow the humanity within the youth of this country. For instance, improving the neighbourhood will make the students increase the love of their own countries. In addition, working on a charity will build inside love for people around the high school student. Also, reaching sports for younger children will encourage students to lead under pressure.

To sum up, I agree that community service should be a compulsory part of high school programming because that will make the youth stronger in leadership and communication. On top of this, that will increase the sense of humanity and love for the people around high school students.

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