Some People Claim that Not Enough of The Waste from Homes Is Recycled: Writing Task 2

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Some people claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?

Sample 1 Some People Claim that Not Enough of The Waste from Homes Is Recycled: Writing Task 2

Undoubtedly, recycling waste can bring a drastic change in a positive way for a longer period of time. However, the strata of society believe that government have more potential to make recycling mandatory by imposing strict laws as people are less likely to do so. I am in accord with this notion vehemently.

Taking recycling into consideration, individuals should be more responsible for it; otherwise, the regime had better make efficient efforts to support it. In other words, if they were afraid of breaking any regulations regarding recycling, they would not dare to break the laws. To explain it in detail, human beings usually prefer to make efforts only if they benefit in some way. The legislation, therefore, ought to provide opportunities in their favour; likewise, in some countries, individuals can earn money for taking recycled material to a particular place. Henceforth, such steps taken by the government could motivate members of society to appreciate recycling.

Probing ahead, another way to encourage the populace about reusing waste material could be done by promoting a few non-profit organizations that mainly focus on turning trash into treasure. In this case, legacy should provide assistance to them in the form of donations because reprocessing is a time taking procedure after all. Moreover, the regime could take the help of pervasive media such as TV, radio and the internet in order to make people aware of the benefits of recycling home wastage especially. Hence, authorities can make it happen in an effective way.

To conclude, since legislation has full control over different media types and imposes new stringent rules, it can spread awareness among the community to pursue recycling for a better and safer environment.

Sample 2 Some People Claim that Not Enough of The Waste from Homes Is Recycled: Writing Task 2

It is argued that people recycle, but there is insufficient waste from homes that are reused. Therefore, a stringent law should be enforced to make it necessary for the masses. I thoroughly agree with it as individuals will not be living in use and throw society. Besides, they will contribute to escalating carbon emissions.

First, if individuals make it indispensable to reuse the rubbish from their homes, the public will take it seriously. They will not use and throw things. To elaborate, people generally get influenced by others’ lifestyles. They buy unnecessary items, even at the cost of being heavy. However, after using it for a while, they get fed up and discard the things. Thus, they do a lot of waste of natural resources. For instance, furniture and TV screens. To make chairs and tables, a lot of wood is used, and many trees have been cut down. Consequently, human behaviour of purchasing stylish furniture and discarding old one damage the environment.

Apart from it, carbon emissions also escalate when people recycle recyclable items but not all. The material which they do not reuse is plastic bottles, polythene, and, to name but a few. They burn or dispose of these things at landfill sites, where they do not decay. Thus, these non-biodegradable substances release toxic gases, which have carcinogenic effects on our biodiversity. An imbalance in nature can be seen, which makes this planet inhospitable for humanity. If it is a must for human beings to recycle all rubbish in their homes, people will use eco-friendly products and avoid using renewable resources.

To conclude, it is clear that encouraging individuals to recycle waste from home is a proactive approach by the government. Masses will not live in a society which misuses natural resources under the influence of glamour, and a toxic environment, which people create by burning plastics, can be controlled.

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