Some People Consider Thinking About the Future and Planning for The Future to Be Waste of Time

Some people consider thinking about the future and planning for the future to be waste of time. They argue that people should simply live in the moment. Do you agree or disagree

It is often argued that planning for future goals is really required or not. Besides, some people think it is wasting their time while thinking about the future. However, I strongly disagree that spending our time to plan our goals and future tasks does not really harm ourselves; rather, it promotes us to move forward in our life.

Firstly, being a human, it is essential in order to plan our future life. Moreover, no tasks can be achieved efficiently without making a proper plan at an initial stage. Then first and foremost the important thing is to get settled in our personal lives in terms of wealth, family bond and good health. In order to achieve a well balanced personal life, planning is one of the prominent factors in terms of family, friends and society. For instance, people in the United Kingdom had availed life insurance as a precautionary measure for their family, which shows that they had already analyzed the risks of life and took great measures.

Another point to be considered is that planning plays an indispensable role in professional career growth. Besides, it helps to achieve the dreams of many successful people in their lives. In addition, there are several benefits if a professional and achieve the goals in terms of financial management, the standard of living and career role improvement. To cite an example, to achieve a good salary package, the employees from IT firms are being assessed in terms of technical knowledge. I strongly believe that employees cannot promote to a higher level unless they plan efficiently in their field.

To summarize, it is thought by some that to live present life is prominent rather than focusing on future. But it would be a negative overall. I think planning should be a priority for any goals, and maintaining a balance between plan and action is extremely vital.

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