Some People Feel that Entertainers Such as Film Stars, Pop Musicians or Sports Stars Are Paid Too Much Money

Some people feel that entertainers such as film stars, pop musicians or sports stars are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which other types of jobs should be highly paid? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample 1 Some People Feel that Entertainers Such as Film Stars, Pop Musicians or Sports Stars Are Paid Too Much Money

Some folks often say that actors, athletes and singers are overpaid, and the other professional jobs are not efficiently paid. I agree with the thought mentioned above that there is vivid discrimination in the payments according to the job profiles and celebrity’s stardom.

Celebrities in the entertainment business are phenomenally popular. Usually, they earn a substantial sum of money compared with other important domains, but the question is whether they should deserve overpayment or an assessment of the nature of their work is required to decide the pay. Some people argue that the entertainment industry does not give something valuable to the audiences except for their performances which are enjoyable for some time; however, let’s take the example of teachers who play a significant role in shaping our careers but are not paid up to their expectations and are considered to be underpaid.

Moving on, I also believe frontline workers such as Army and Police do their duty day and night to protect the civilians, and they deserve to get paid much more than they are currently getting from the government. The scientists and researchers are also vital in enhancing our community and the nation’s progress. Their efforts have elevated the standards of living of the people.

To conclude, celebrities have uncertain and performance-based careers. Therefore, they deserve love and fame according to their entertainment value addition, whereas the people in other occupations, who are contributing their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the community, should be paid wealthy.

Sample 2 Some People Feel that Entertainers Such as Film Stars, Pop Musicians or Sports Stars Are Paid Too Much Money

It is undeniable that entertainment is of paramount benefit to people’s lives. However, some believe that music artists and sports stars gain high financial benefits, which should not be. This essay discusses why I disagree with this opinion, as entertainment positively affects people’s moods and has a shorter number of years for their career compared to other jobs. This essay shall also discuss other similar kinds of jobs which should be paid huge sums of money.

To commence with, people who work in the entertainment sector should be compensated with huge sums of money because their scope of work brings an unimaginable positive effect on people’s moods. Although not everybody finds their source of happiness in entertainment activities, many people gain great happiness and relaxation by watching a movie, listening to their favourite music and watching a football match. For instance, the majority of people worldwide completely forget about their pressing issues when they spend time enjoying entertaining programs. As such, because of the great difference, it makes in people’s lives, stars deserve huge financial benefits as compensation.

Moreover, their jobs are most dangerous and normally require a shorter number of years to retire compared to other jobs like nursing, teaching, engineering, and so on, which normally require sixty or sixty-five years of practice depending on the country. They can also get hurt, which can make it unlikely for them to work again. To buttress this point, dangerous sports like Boxing, wrestling, rock climbing and skiing can easily claim participants’ lives or even lead to irreparable consequences. Hence, entertaining personnel deserve huge salaries.

In conclusion, I reiterate my opinion that even though individuals working in the entertainment industry are given huge sums of money, they deserve this as their job description has an immense psychological effect on the general public and can be fatal in some cases.

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