Some people say that the Internet provides

Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the greatest humankind’s inventions of the last century. It is a fast and easy way to get a lot of valuable information. However, some people believe that the Internet creates many problems. From my point of view, I think that the Internet brings us advantages as well as disadvantages.

First of all, I think that the Internet brings us many benefits. People can have access to the latest news, weather, traffic, bid-and-asked quotations, etc. Another important benefit is that the Internet is a great means of communication. A few years ago, it was rather difficult to imagine that it would be possible to communicate with people from all around the world. Students have the opportunity to speak to professors from prestigious universities, ask their opinions and extend their range of interests. People have the opportunity to communicate with people from other countries, find out their customs, traditions and even visit each other. I think that the Internet makes our world smaller and friendlier. We’ve got the chance to learn more about the world’s history, our forefathers and gain more knowledge.

On the other hand, many questions and difficulties arose with the appearance of the Internet. For example, children got easy access to the information they are not supposed to read. Also, people’s security and privacy are often violated by stealing and gathering information about people and then selling them. In addition, many banks had to increase their Internet security because of hacking.

However, I believe that the Internet gave us more advantages and opportunities than disadvantages and problems.

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