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Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the World

Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the World

Some people think it is better for one single legal system throughout the world. Others say countries should have their own law. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1: Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the World

There has been debate about whether, to create a better world, every country needs to work together so we can give a better future to the next generation, and to do that, first of all, every nation needs to create a specific law system that can control crime among all nations without any difference, while opposite individuals postulate that they need to have their own law. Both have their own pros and cons. Therefore, before I comment on my opinion, both views must be discussed.

On the one hand, as per the opinion of formers, they have the mindset that only a single law can control the crime rate all over the world; this is mainly because, with a single rule, nations can solve and resolve conflicts between two countries that are in a war situation. For instance, between Russia and Ukraine, there have been war situations recently, and many individuals are suffering from these situations. If countries create a law like a single system, nations can resolve their issues among themselves and individuals can live in peace.

On the other hand, considering the latter’s point of view, they believe that every country can have its own rules; the main reason behind this is that every nation has its own culture that it follows, and with a single law, it can create some issues among nations. For example, in India, there are different kinds of religious people. So their authority creates different laws for different religious groups.

In conclusion, there is no easy answer to this, but I believe that a single-rule system is not a good solution for reducing crime. Every nation needs to enact its own law to protect its rights and citizens with different religious beliefs.

Sample 2: Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the World

Some people believe that having a single legal system applied globally is preferable. Others oppose that nations ought to have their own legal procedure. While the universal legal system can promote global harmony and equality, preserving an autonomous legal system would be critical for respecting cultural diversity.

On one hand, it is argued that only one legal system will encourage unity in all fairness. It is claimed that uniform rules and regulations will ensure equal treatment irrespective of the geographical region or the culture to which a person belongs. Thus, the same legal system will promote international cooperation and streamline the legal process, making it easier to deal with. For example, Crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, and cybercrime are some of the most commonly seen crimes all over the world. A common set of legal practices can be recommended as it will collectively foster a unified global society.

On the other hand, maintaining a separate legal system with respect to the nation can emphasize the importance of cultural diversity. Distinct rules and regulations are based upon the unique values and customs by which each country is recognized. They have different social and cultural contexts. Which influences the decision of having some set of rules and protocols to be followed, thus making the country unique. Preserving these distinct legal systems allows nations to uphold their cultural identities. For example, Dubai follows the Islamic religion and has strict moral and ethical laws. Non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai if they are on licensed premises. Moreover, maintaining the legal autonomous system allows nations to adapt their laws to evolving challenges.

The debate between a single global legal system and individual country-based legal frameworks has different perceptions. While the universal legal system has potential benefits in promoting global equality and mutual cooperation. A unique legal system emphasizes the importance of a cultural code of conduct. Preserving individual legal frameworks is essential to respect cultural differences and effectively address the diverse challenges faced by each nation.

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