Some People Think It Is Necessary to Use Animals to Test Medicines or Products

Some People think it is necessary to use animals to test medicines or products intended for human use. Others, however, criticize this as animal cruelty. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Think It Is Necessary to Use Animals to Test Medicines or Products

It is argued by a few masses that using animals for the experimentation of medicines or products that are made for their usage is indispensable. However, others believe this act is unkind behaviour towards them. In my perspective, it is inhumane to use poor creatures for testing as they also have a right to live, which is highly beneficial for our ecosystem.

According to the former point of view, animal testing is beneficial for humanity as it reduces the chances of mishappenings to the human body. To elaborate it, human beings are the most precious species on this planet. Direct exposure to any product or medicine can put their life at risk. Therefore, if the products or medicine are first trailed on animals, these invaluable creatures would be saved from a certain illness or death. For instance, to try the result of corona vaccine initially was trailed on animals. Only then was it used by the public? This animal testing saved a lot of lives.

According to the second school of thought, it is a brutal act because it can cause of extinction of the animal population. To explicate, when trials fail and are tested on other animals, it becomes a threat to the survival of animals. Some may die or become disabled. Thus, it will be difficult for them to live with physical impairment in their natural habit. To exemplify it, when animals such as monkeys, lions or rodents are used for testing, a massive population declines. The extinction of such species indirectly creates an imbalance in biodiversity.

To conclude, thus it is clear that trials on animal species are beneficial for humanity as they can save thousands of human lives. But, to save humanity, putting animal life at risk is cruel as they can survive on this planet with the same kind of disability.

Sample 2 Some People Think It Is Necessary to Use Animals to Test Medicines or Products

Most individuals think it is essential to inject medicines or products into the animal before they are available for human consumption. At the same time, others say that this is brutality towards animals. This practice has it is own brighter and darker sides. This disquisition delves into both the perspectives and my own stance.

Embark on, and humans are more important than animals. They are the assets of the world. Because human specialities are more than the animals, like, thinking capacity, talking and so on. Therefore we give more importance to these human beings. Because of this, scientists who invented medicines will be applied to animals kinds in order to find the results after long procedures. Mostly living beings like rats, monkeys and so on are used for this. Due to the high number of these species, people think that there is no problem with injecting newly formulated medicinal products into animals.

On the other hand, some humans, as well as animal lovers, will try to feel less comfortable with experimenting with animals in the medical procedure. They say it seems to be a massive cruelty to these creatures. It will badly affect them when the results of such procedures fail. There is some advanced technology in order to find the exact results of using such medicines through humans. For instance, a computer program which shows the suitability of a new drug on the human immune system can be used for medical research. This will safeguard the mammals from suffering such cruelties.

In my view, I think that experimenting the medicines on animals may lead to harmful consequences, and it will be very cruel to them. I suggest that more advanced methods should be used to ascertain the result of newly invented medicines rather than using them on animals.

Therefore it can be conclusively stated that using mammals for examination is an unacceptable trend and should be replaced with modern solutions and technology.
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