Some People Think that A Sense of Competition in Children Should Be Encouraged

Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

To grow up as a virtuous person, children should acknowledge certain things at a young age. Here a few people argue that it is essential to encourage children to be competitive, while other’s believe that children become more functional grown-ups if cooperation is taught. I think both qualities are essential because both competition and cooperation nurture the children and make them learn to understand how to become wistful full functional adults.

On the one hand, teaching the children about the relevance of competition will enhance their competitiveness power which could help them to develop essential and mandatory skills which they can reflect in adulthood like taking turns, developing empathy and tenacity. Moreover, children who engage in competitive activities would earn critical social skills through interacting with other children while also learning the value of hard work and developing self-esteem and self-efficiency. It seems to me that planting the healthy competitive aspects in children will make them understand the true meaning of team player. For instance, schools conducting extracurricular activities is not only to find out the best performer but also to inflate the sense of competitive power in students.

On the other hand, despite these arguments, some people reckon that children should be mould to learn about cooperation other than competition. That kind of people generally focuses on the awful effects of the competition. However, cooperation in children enhances the ability to balance one’s own needs with others. Moreover, cooperative behaviours such as helping and sharing have been linked to greater learning, emotional maturity and strong personal identity. I support the notion of developing cooperative attitudes in children, which will further contribute relevant experience to their adulthood. For example, the rewarding system in school promoting the children’s cooperative capabilities in inorder to make them great citizens.

In conclusion, a few people argue that children should learn the competition aspects whereas some people reckon that not the competition, cooperation should be encouraged to become a more useful adult. I deem to say that I believe both qualities are necessary in order to develop a fully functional human being. Both these skills are essential skills that should be foster and nurture.

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