Some People Think that A Sense of Competition in Children Should Be Encouraged.Others Believe that Children Who Are Taught to Cooperate Rather than Compete Become More Successful Adults.Give Your Own Views.

Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. others believe that children who are taught to cooperate rather than compete to become more successful adults. give your own views.

In this modern era, competition prevails in every walk of life whether it is the industrial, social, economic or educational field.cooperation is another factor which is also necessary for a child to be successful. some folks prefer competition but others think that cooperation matters most. in my opinion, both the factors have an important role but competition has an upper hand among them. this will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

In this fast progressing world, everyone wants to reach the peak of his career and has the desire to have all the luxurious amenities of life. for instance, if there is a competition between two pupils then each of them will do his best work with courage, dedication and hard work. this will create a desire in them to go ahead of each other in life. moreover, it can be seen in today’s life that parents always motivate their offsprings to get good marks in class in comparison to other students and the result is that they get inspired to show their hidden talent and become successful human beings. competition events are organized in every sector like the job, education, sports, business, and children have to pass through them to achieve success in society.

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On the other hand, man is a social animal. he cannot live alone and he has to build a cordial relationship with human beings. for instance, a sense of collaboration has been taught to players in the sports field with players of other nations. furthermore, in schools, children have to work shoulder to shoulder as a team with their classmates and this will not only enhance their efficiency but create a sense of brotherhood also among them.

In conclusion, both things are vital for a person but competition has an upper hand over the cooperation. the need of the time is to create a proper balance between two so that both play a crucial role in the success of the youth.

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