Some People Think That Education is Useless.

Some People Think That Education is Useless. others think that it is important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



There has been a debate between two groups of individuals, wherein one asserts that schooling is fruitless. Whereas, other contends that education is crucial. I, however, support the latter ideology. This essay would provide reasons for both views and my opinion.

Paragraph 1:
There are multiple reasons as to why some believe that tutoring is extensive. The foremost one is education plays a vital role in everyone’s life by which learner achieve their goals frequently because of advanced knowledge and technology. Moreover, teaching educates the younger one how to respect everyone either at home or outside. For instance, the British school education society proved that 85 percent of UK behavior is brilliant as compared to the uneducated pupils.
Paragraph 2:
On the contrary side, opponents have conflicting views. The major one is that sometimes education is impractical. Due to the lack of job opportunity folk unable to find out the way of income, consequently suffer from isolation or feel alienated within the family. To illustrate, a depressing survey reveals that the improper use of education in practical life leads to uncounted death rates.
In my opinion, tutoring is far-reaching which provides a luxurious future to the scholar. Participation of parents in the education of learner aid to diminish the suicide cases as well as guardian encouragement always build the confidence of child.
To conclude, although opinions are divided on whether education is indispensable or inoperative. I am in favor of this who opine that education is influential.

This is the end of general and academic writing task 2: ( Some people think that education is useless. others think that it is important. discuss both views and  give your opinion )

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1 thought on “Some People Think That Education is Useless.”

  1. lovepreet ramuwalia

    Education is the backbone of every country to get success. The more people educate the more chances of development are possible. But some people are not agreed on this perspective. They have their own if’s and but’s. In coming paragraphs, I would show you both side of this issue.
    Firstly, on the side of those who thinks education is worthless. There are numerous reasons behind their thinking. As we all know that competition is on its peak. Every year thousands of students graduate andstart finding the jobs in their field. For single vacancy, their a countless resume coming. More than half of the students are job less because of this reason and some are not in the same field which they have graduated. To get nothing they choose the way to get something. That is why new reason pop. Which is getting paid same as the uneducated person. So, because of the increasing number of job seekers the demand of them is not at the same scale. On the contrary side, who think education is everything they have their own experiences. Education is the way through with they can avoid hard work because they know the technology and by using it, they can do almost everything easily, fast, and accurately. Not even this, they are getting smart salaries because they have the knowledge which helps them to operate technology. For example, a machineoperator paid more than a person who is packaging the material through out the day. That is the reason people choose to study to make their life better. In my opinion, by discussing briefly, would be to choose to study. Because education open wide range of ways to success. There is no doubt that there is a struggle in this but by doing study hard getting jobwould be easy.

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