Some People Think That Researching Previous Generations

In many parts of the world, people look up their family history. Some people think that researching previous generations is a good idea, but others think it is better to focus on the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is argued that masses of a few nations of the globe fascinate to search about their ancestral life. They consider it a good idea to ascertain the life of the past generation; but, others believe in focusing on the current and future generation. In my perspective, finding out the past lives of people helps ameliorate living standards.

At the outset, people consider it beneficial to research ancient generations because past life helps in improving living standards. People can bring modifications not only in their eating habits but also in their professions. For instance, now, due to a sedentary lifestyle, individuals are becoming victims of many diseases. So they can make their lifestyle healthy by relying more on staple food, which was the main diet of people of the past. Moreover, ancient people were masters of their own. They were more creative, and they did not need to find employment because they were self-employed. So after knowing about them, today’s individuals can bring desirable changes.

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On the other hand, people who believe it a good idea to focus more on present and future generations because they consider past has nothing essential stored for the present and future generations instead of full of errors. The ideas have become so obsolete, either regarding farmland or adopting any profession. Moreover, now people are more creative and have the required qualifications. So they can make their present and future bright. For instance, now masses have in-depth knowledge about anything by dint of technology. So now they have more chances of getting success and leading a prosperous. Therefore, it is important to focus more on current issues and to have a long term vision.

In conclusion, Thus knowing about the previous generation is essential for some people, while others emphasize more on present and future generations. I think the previous generation can assist a lot in making some lifestyle changes and it gives a chance to people to lead a prosperous life by following the lifestyle of ancient people.

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