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Some People Think that Strict Punishments for Driving Offences Are the Key to Reducing Traffic Accidents

Some people think that strict punishments for driving offenses are the key to reducing traffic accidents. Others, however, believe that other measures would be more effective in improving road safety. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Strict Punishments for Driving Offences Are the Key to Reducing Traffic Accidents

It is irrefutable that road casualties were gradually increasing daily and becoming a serious problem worldwide. Accidents are a serious and growing problem in most nations and seriously threaten overall human lives. Some individuals opined that rigid penalizing the driving offenders is the most prominent solution to control this sharp contrast, some people tend to believe that an additional alternative would be efficacious to enhance road safety. hence should not be given a hard punishment to Offenders who commit crimes. I would like to delve into both arguments before forming an opinion.

Going with the first school of thought, damnation is the only way to overcome the problem of road accidents. Strict laws should be imposed against offenders to reduce traffic casualties. Put in other words, with the rigid rules individuals get more focus on their driving, this leads to preferring nominal and limited speed seton track and avoiding negligence during moving their transport, because while thinking about hard punishment a massive fear would be developed and not able to commit any crime during the driving. For instance, there are various extremely hard rules against lawbreakers in the US. If any criminal activities are found over the road that leads to wrongdoers would be going through several punishments and put behind bars for at least three years and imposed heavy charges for them, which are sufficient to spoil the life of lawbreakers. Two added traffic accidents pose a serious threat to the public, and driving offenses must not be taken lightly, with the implementation of strict laws in a way that has served as a reminder for people to follow the rules and regulations when driving on the street.

The opposite school of thought, however, dreams that others may be adopted besides the punishment to improve road safety. providing safety driving classes every month to all drivers is one of the materials that can be considered. Put in other words, authorities need to renew the validity of driving license every six months because motorists and Chauffeur get remains in touch with rules and regulation about transportation so that they become professional in this field and avoid an accident on the roads don’t for example, mandatory online course to remind the strict rules and the essential requirements which Driver is on of the topic.

In conclusion, this essay analyses both of the views. I think any idea that could increase Road safety is worth trying, so while driving offenses should be heavily punished, Solutions like safety classes for new drivers and technology that prevent offenses or also be.

Sample 2 Strict Punishments for Driving Offences Are the Key to Reducing Traffic Accidents

It is irrefutable that road accidents are increasing enormously with the rise in automobiles and congestion. It is typically believed to be reduced only by imposing capital punishments on citizens who do not follow accurate traffic regulations. In contrast, the other school of thought claims that various other protocols can be practiced for a secure commute. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I will elucidate both viewpoints from a unique perspective along with my certitude to the former stance with credible illustrations.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, some individuals think it is obligatory to enforce severe charges against people who violate traffic norms. In certain circumstances, commuters lose their lives when involved in such unprecedented situations, and it is colossal damage. To cite an illustration, if a person consumes alcohol knowingly or unknowingly and drives, there are substantial chances of an accident. It is hazardous not only to the particular individual but also to other passengers. Similarly, if an individual exceeds the speed limit while driving, as they might be in a hurry to reach the destination, they would lose control, eventually leading to accidents. It is dangerous to everyone traveling nearby. Therefore, it is pivotal for the government to impose strict punishments who violate traffic rules as other travelers’ lives are in jeopardy.

Various efficient measures can be implemented rather than punishing people. Citizens should be educated regarding traffic norms and regulations in their educational institutes or workplaces. The local authorities can organize campaigns to raise awareness in order to follow the rules while driving and the difficult circumstances involved if not followed correctly. Furthermore, the government should employ supervisors and ensure that driving licenses are issued accurately. To exemplify, it must be provided to citizens only if they are above 21 years and teenagers or young adults must be forbidden. Hence, multiple methods can be followed rather than imposing capital punishment.

Taking everything into consideration, although there are a plethora of measures that can be adapted in terms of raising awareness, education, and distribution of licenses if a person loses their life, then there is no going back. Thus it is critical to impose severe punishments who violate the fundamental norms to improve safety on roads.

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