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Some People Think that The Best Way to Reduce the Time Spent Travelling to Work Is to Replace Parks

Some People Think that The Best Way to Reduce the Time Spent Travelling to Work Is to Replace Parks

Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city centre with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Travel to the workplace is mandatory for the people living in urban areas. Some of them believe that the parks and gardens have to be replaced by constructing apartments, especially in the metro cities, which saves immense time for travel. However, others do not agree with the above statement. This essay will discuss both views and explains why the former is a better choice.

People who live nearby their workplaces find it convenient to travel to their offices. To begin with, constructing apartments and gated communities in downtown areas eventually leads to rapid urbanization. It saves a lot of time, and they get to spend more time with their families. For instance, these buildings consist of numerous amenities such as a gym, play area, and pool integrated within the same locality. Additionally, the employees feel safe and secure to return to their homes if they are preoccupied with important jobs. Lastly, it is more economical rather than spending huge amounts on transport.

Nevertheless, setting up such huge buildings and demolishing areas of fauna is always a threat to mankind. Firstly, destroying parks and gardens impacts various environmental changes. The oxygen levels are falling rapidly due to the destruction of trees. For example, global warming is increasing at a high level which affects people all over the world. Secondly, the public is suffering from numerous health problems due to the changes in the environment. Hence, replacing natural resources by constructing buildings will lead to many challenges in the near future.

To recapitulate, people living in metro cities feel comfortable travelling to their work when they rent or buy a house nearby, but they are also in jeopardy of destroying their natural habitat. Though both have their own significance and in my point of view living in the downtown areas saves ample time in this busy life.

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