Some People Think They Have the Right to Use as Much Fresh Water

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Some people think they have the right to use as much fresh water as they want, but others think that the government should control the use of freshwater as it is a limited resource. Discuss both points of view and express your opinion.

Sample 1:-Some People Think They Have the Right to Use as Much Fresh Water

The topic of making water available has always been a trending debate. Some people believe that the consumption of fresh water should be the right of everyone because it is an essential component in our daily living, while others say that water should be a limited resource by the Government because it requires equipment and maintenance. I strongly disagree that fresh water should be accessible to everybody because it should be used as revenue to improve the economy.

Foremost, consuming water should be the right of everyone because it is an essential thing for a good standard of living. Presently, water is used in every aspect of life, such as preparing and eating meals, bathing, and home chores. Every human being should be entitled to clean water to prevent water-borne diseases. For example, adherence to clean water will totally prevent the contraction of water-borne diseases.

On the other hand, limiting access to clean water is due to the use of the equipment and its maintenance. Most developed countries require pipes and power to power steady access to fresh water. This can incur more resources being used when it is done without limitations.

In my opinion, I strongly disagree because water supply should be limited by taxing individuals, which should be used as revenue. I believe the Government should limit the water by installing a meter that checks the amount used by a household; then, the excess should be taxed.

In conclusion, people believe that clean water should be accessible without limitations because it is an essential thing for daily tasks and healthy living, while others believe that it should be limited because it requires high maintenance. I am of the opinion that water should be limited to generate revenue for the Government.

Sample 2:-Some People Think They Have the Right to Use as Much Fresh Water

Although a long-standing debate exists over the usage and control of freshwater between the liberal population and national authorities, my personal stand is with realization and awareness spread among the community individually. In the following passages, I wish to elaborate on the significance of fresh water and its scarcity, along with the measures to use and store this mother nature’s gift, which is water.

In densely populated India, rich with rivers and lakes having a natural source of freshwater, it fails to meet the needs of its own citizens. To name a few states like Goa and Tamil Nadu in the south. There is an immense shortage of fresh water. The reason identified is their neighboring state Karnataka which refuses to share its source. Why this attitude? Because Karnataka rivers are deprived of rainfall. This can be connected to global warming, the industrial gaseous have blocked the clouds. In this situation, it is challenging to survive. Each family as they are own requirements.

But on the flip side. The affluent community, which gets a 24X7 fresh water supply, ignores the plight of a common man who is going through immense trouble. The rich continue to use this resource for varied unwanted reasons like washing cars and maintaining their daily chores on machines like dishwashers and washing machines. If the government tries to intervene by taking all the rights and evenly distributing the water to the community, the affordable group will purchase and continue to waste again, continuing the unbalancing trend.

To conclude, the responsibility lies with the individual. Each person starts valuing and making changes in his/her habits; we can save gallons of water. To illustrate, instead of showers, we use bucket water for baths and so on. We can limit the wastage. From schools, media, and community platforms, this message and measures of saving water should be preached. If this message is enacted, we can certainly spare water for the next generation.

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