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Some students take one year off between finishing school and going to university ielts exam

Some students take one year off between finishing school and going to university, Some students take one year off between finishing school and going to university, in order to travel or to work. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

A gap year is a year after high school when a student takes time to explore his or her interests, A gap year is a year after high school when a student takes time to explore his or her interests, which usually entails some type of travelling or working. After the gap year is over, the student begins his or her career. It has both pros and cons, which I shall discuss in this essay. I, personally believe that the benefits of ‘gap year’ outstrip the drawbacks.

There are many benefits of taking a year off. Firstly, the student can explore his interests before deciding on a major. Just passing out of secondary school, a student does know what his real interests are. A gap year gives him time to introspect and he may also find something he has never considered studying before. Secondly, he can save money to finance his education and ease some burden off his parents’ shoulders. Higher education is very expensive and some parents cannot afford the full cost of students’ university fees.

Furthermore, during this year, the student meets different people and experiences different cultures. As a result his personality develops and he comes to know about the outside world. Finally, a well-planned gap year is attractive to some admissions tutors and to future employers. For example, a student can add his activities of the gap year in his resume when he applies to the university, or for some job after completion of his education. This is taken in a positive light by the admissions committee and some job providers.

As every garden has weeds, similarly a gap year also has a downside. A student may find it difficult to get back to study. A year is a long time and once that tempo of attending classes and doing home-work etc. is lost, a student may not feel like studying again. Secondly, if he starts earning enough, education may seem unimportant. Finally, if a student doesn’t plan it properly, it may end up as a wasted year.

To sum up, a gap year has a lot of advantages provided it is planned well.

Plan followed

Intro: Discuss essay intro

Para 1: Advantages of gap year

Para 2: More advantages

Para 3: Disadvantages

Conclusion: Gap year has many advantages if planned well

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Sample 2

Beyond any doubt nowadays numerous highschool leavers work or travel before enlist for advanced education. While a hole year can have a few disadvantages, I would contend that the advantages it brings are more huge.

From one perspective, taking a year break can antagonistically influence people’s further examination for a few reasons. The primary reason is that understudies who choose to begin an occupation after high school can lose their will to proceed with their examinations. In the event that youngsters as of now have an occupation, they don’t want to select for college because of the steady pay. The second reason is that hole year takers may confront issues with giving learning later on. Since following a year without drawing closer to hypothetical learning, understudies will experience considerable difficulties retaining new and harder information and making up for lost time with their associates.

Then again, a year amongst highschool and college can have some constructive outcomes. Right off the bat, youngsters will increase handy experience on the off chance that they put in a year working. Having an occupation is an extraordinary open door for the adolescent to grow new aptitudes, for example, cooperation or managing testing issues and furthermore picking up hand-on understanding, which can be useful for their examinations later on. For instance, numerous people begin entry level position in enormous inns previously applying for friendliness administration in college. Besides, voyaging can opens individuals minds and is an incredible approach to unwind before enlist for advanced education. Highschool leavers are as yet youthful so meeting new individuals and having new experience will change their methods for survey the world. Besides, voyaging is an incredible anxiety reliever, accordingly, understudies who travel can procure new learning all the more viably in examination with the individuals who proceeding with their investigations instantly.

Taking everything into account, I trust that the advantages of a hole year exceed its disadvantages.

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