Speaking Practice Test 4 with Audio Sample

Speaking Practice Test 4 with Audio Sample: Duration: 11–14 minutes

In the Speaking test, you have a discussion with a certified examiner. It is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get.

There are three parts to the test and each part fulfils a specific function in terms of interaction pattern, task input and candidate output.

In Part 1, you answer questions about yourself and your family. In Part 2, you speak about a topic. In Part 3, you have a longer discussion on the topic.


example audio

you can also download in zip file password= “ieltsfever.com”


Section 1
* Describe the house or flat/apartment in which you live at the moment.
* Do you think it is better to live in a house or a flat/apartment?
* What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a garden?
Topic 1 Parks
* Do you visit parks? (Why/Why not?)
* Do you think parks are important for towns and cities? (Why/Why not?)
* Do you think that parks should be free or that people should pay to use them?
* What are some of the disadvantages of parks in a town or city?
Topic 2 Free Time
* Do you have much free time in your life? (Why/Why not?)
* What do you like doing in your free time?
* What free time activities do you particularly dislike?
* How much free time do you think a person should have every day?
Section 2
Describe one of your good friends
You should say
where you met
what this person does
what things you do together
and why you particularly like this person
Section 3
Topic 1 Family and Friends
* Do you prefer spending time with your family or with your friends? (Why?)
* Can you compare the activities that you do with your friends and your family?
* Do you think it is important for your family and friends to like each other?
* Can you compare the relationships that you have with friends and the ones you have with family?
Topic 2 Living with Friends
* Do you live alone, with friends or with family? (Why?)
* What are some of the advantages of living with friends?
* What are some of the disadvantages of living with friends?
* What are some of things that can break a friendship?

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