Stage of Life IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card with Sample Answer IELTS EXAM

Stage of Life IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card with Sample Answer

Life is full of stages, such as childhood, adulthood, and old age, but the stage I cherish the most is childhood. 🌈 Childhood stands out as the most vibrant phase of anyone’s life, marked by an absence of worries, tensions, and responsibilities. It’s a time of innocence and learning, a period where every day brings new discoveries and adventures. 📚✨

I remember my childhood vividly; I was quite a mischievous and chubby child. 🧒 Everyone seemed to find my cheeks irresistible, often pinching them affectionately. My days were filled with endless games of hide and seek with friends, hiding in the most unlikely places where no one could find me. 🏃‍♂️🙈 One memorable day, I hid inside a huge almirah and, amusingly, fell asleep. It took a while before my mother discovered me there, much to the relief and amusement of everyone in the house. That moment made me the centre of attention, and though I didn’t fully grasp why my parents were so overjoyed, I felt incredibly important. 🚪😴

My mother’s rice pudding was something I adored. The way she made it just for me remains a cherished memory. 🍚♥️ Whenever I yearned for something, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw a tantrum, and somehow, I always ended up getting what I wanted. At school, my naughtiness continued, but it also helped me forge numerous friendships. School days were filled with laughter, shared secrets, and the joy of simple pleasures. 🏫👫

Childhood, with its pure joy and carefree spirit, is truly a magical time. Looking back, I realize how those early years shaped me, teaching me about friendship, happiness, and the simple wonders of life. 🌟🛤️

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