Studies Show that Many Criminals Have a Low Level of Education Writing Task 2

Studies show that many criminals have a low level of education. For this reason, people believe that the best way to reduce crime is to educate people in prison so they can get a job when they leave prison. Do you agree or disagree?

In this competitive era, to survive in this world, individuals need to earn money. Without that, they will starve to death. To make money, people choose different paths. Some individuals get a proper education after getting a stable job. While people who want to earn fast money do some criminal activities. This is because they are not educated. I agree with this point of view. A person with an education background knows the struggle of making money, and he or she can’t break the law to earn fast money.

To begin with, education affects the person’s mind; not only can he or she make hard cash with intelligence. Which they develop during their academic period, but it also helps them to make decisions in difficult situations. Moreover, anyone can get a job with knowledge, so they don’t need to commit illegitimate offences to make money. For instance, as per India Today’s survey, people who broke the law at a young age, after they were incarcerated and had a chance to get an education there, changed their lives and became successful individuals without breaking the law.

Furthermore, a person with academic experience has a sense of fear. This means they know the laws and punishments for corruption, so they think after making a move. In addition, lack of education is a fundamental problem; without it, a person can’t survive in this technological world. despite having money, if a person does not know. He might be stuck on what he can do with that money.

In conclusion, education is a pillar of people’s lives and an essential requirement of everyone’s lives, so I think knowledge is more important than money.

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