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Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On: IELTS Speaking Topics

Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On IELTS Speaking Topics

Talk about a car or bicycle trip you would like to go on. Please tell me

Sample 1

Bicycling trip play a significant role in the lifestyle of the human a massive chunk of people like to follow various activity on a bicycle and it could be very common in youngsters because they always make a cycling trip in multiple locations and here I would like to talk about a journey which I will plan to visit Shimla on cycling I would like to visit in this city there are ample reason behind that the first and foremost reason is that the view of the Mountains in a Shimla is quite mesmerising so that thing is a quite fascinated and I would like to spend my quality time in the place of Shimla the second reason is that the road is perfect in condition last day I also confirmed all the routes and directions which preferred when we will move ahead to a Shimla and one of my friend Rahul also would be a part of upcoming trip moreover I admire with beauty of Shimla because there are lots of views which people get fascinated furthermore I would like to spend 2 to 3 day trips in the Shimla and also explore various kind of places and also gather the information over there the another reason is that I want to get experience on a cycling trip and I also follow that dream from my childhood one day I will complete one cycling trip with my friends even I have some sort of plan so we will move to a cycling trip in next month so you also get all the information and details over there even in a few days we also looking for a booking over there so while the trip I spend my time with my friends and also observing the view over there and we also do or various recreational activity while the journey so definitely I would like to complete that trip with my friends I know that trip would be a very risky but I will fulfil my dream and achieve all the journey on cycling.

Sample 2

In so many places around the world, many people love to travel and take trips to various parts of the world. In fact, since the dawn of time, countless people have embarked on different kinds of trips. Some trips tend to be risky, but people turn to go anyway. In recent times, many people are developing an interest in going on trips, and I believe in the future myriad of people will have an immense passion for going on trips. I would love to take a car trip to Shai Hills, located in the upper east region of Ghana. It’s a wildlife reserve as well as a forest reserve. It has different forms of wild animals like lions, cheetahs, zebra, giraffes, and ostriches. One unique feature about this place is the existence of crocodiles which visitors can play with to the extent of even sitting on them. I recently watched television with a friend when we saw a documentary about this site. As such, we have planned to take a trip to the place at the appropriate time, possibly ending this year.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question 1:- Do people in your country prefer to travel by car or bike?

Answer 1:- Well individuals in my country always prefer to want to travel by car and bike is depends on their situation and desires but in these fast and parcel live many people would like to prefer the four vehicles because in-car also become a standard of every family which they like to use in the day to day life one another reason is that why people use the car in my country. After all, in the summertime, the temperature is quite high. Many people don’t like to go out over the doors, so definitely, they always prefer green cars when they move anywhere else. However, in terms of youngsters they always would like to Honey travel by bicycle in adventure sports some people like to make a plan visit a hilly area on a bicycle, so I think it could be an incredible thing for them.

Answer 2:- In my country, most people prefer to travel by car, while few prefer to travel by bike. As we all know, long journeys typically require you to take a car, so most people travel by car. Others will also travel by car even if the distance is not far enough. However, as there is increasing cost of lorry fare in my country, most individuals have turned to use bicycles even for long distances to cut costs.

Question 2:- Is cycling becoming less favoured or more popular in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, cycling would be less popular in my country because, in this modern community, every individual would like to move in their vehicle, such as a four-wheeler. After all, a four-wheeler also brings numerous benefits to people’s lives. After all, without any instructions, people can move freely around anywhere else. Another reason is that the by-cycle trend would be negative. After all, it is also considered a low-standard vehicle, and many people feel shy let they prefer to buy any bicycle.

Answer 2:- As I said earlier on, due to the surge in transportation costs, most individuals who were fun users of cars are now turning to using bicycles as the primary means of transport, irrespective of the distance.

Question 3:- Do you think people need to drive fewer cars to protect the environment?

Answer 1:- Without any doubt, it’s the responsibility of every citizen to preserve the environment with their hands because the tendency of pollution has rapidly surged over the years. As a result, the wildlife would be impacted by this pollution and easily destroyed day by day with the slow pace; apart from that, people need to prefer public transportation in their daily routine because when they prefer this transportation, the congestion of cars would be reduced immediately and also save the environment.

Answer 2:- Yes, I think people should use fewer cars to protect our environment. This is because the amount of carbon monoxide gas released by vehicles is becoming unprecedented, greatly affecting the ozone layer. This has resulted in indiscriminate bush fires, unpredictable weather conditions, flooding and other destructive events. As such, when we can reduce the number of cars in use, this problem will be mitigated drastically.

Question 4:- What is the difference between transportation systems in rural and urban areas?

Answer 1:- There are many differences between transport and system in a ruler area and urban areas. The first and foremost reason is that the availability in a ruler area is a knot highest compatible with the urban area because all the transportation facilities would be recommended in a metropolitan city because they are lots of people like to use public transportation on a large-scale and is also beneficial in their day to day life but in the term of ruler area one of the most drawbacks is that the connectivity is not compatible with the people and the advancement in this countryside not much as a big city, so I think this is a significant difference between rural and urban areas.

Answer 2:- There are so many differences associated between transport systems in the rural areas and that of the urban centres. In rural areas, countless vehicles are in use, and almost everybody tends to own a car for personal reasons. This phenomenon leads to a significant number of gases which are released into the atmosphere. In contrast, in the rural areas, this is not the case as few people own a car, so there is less harm to the atmosphere compared to the urban centres. Moreover, because of the increasing number of vehicles being used in the metropolitan centre, there is a high incidence of road accidents compared to smaller towns.

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