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Talk About a Challenge You Encountered

Talk About a Challenge You Encountered

Talk about a challenge you encountered. Please say

Sample Answer of Talk About a Challenge You Encountered

Well, challenges really make life more adventurous and people feel a kind of satisfaction that they really have done something valuable. Here, I would like to speak about the challenge that I faced happily. It was to get slim. I was not aware that I had put on weight. However, one of my friends challenged me to reduce my weight within one month.

I accepted it and did hard labor for it. I started to get-up at wee-hours and after refreshing myself, I did running, yoga and on top of that, I abandoned eating junk food which I used to eat frequently. Though it was a herculean task for me I had to do it to win the challenge. With continuous efforts, I reduced much weight and proved myself.

My friend was astonished to see me as she had never expected that I would make great efforts to get the right physique. So, it was totally a different experience for me. The thing which will always keep in my mind was that it made my routine and made me aware of how important it is for a person to be as fit as a fiddle both physically and mentally. Now, I look younger than my age. So, this happened due to the difficult challenge that I faced in the past.

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