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Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done

Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done

Describe a challenging thing you have done. You should say:

Sample 1

There are numerous challenges that people face in their day to day life challenges help to boost their confidence and also interact with the difficulties, which enhance their confidence in a good manner and challenges also play a significant role in the lifestyle of the individuals to address all the things in a good manner and here I would like to describe a challenge which I have done I remember vividly when I got the summer vacations from my college, and the government also announced lockdown completely due to Covid 19 pandemic because the infection was rapidly spread in my area. However, due to lack of exercise, I gained a weight of about 5 KG, and I also became too ugly and obese. My whole Da friend Circle made a joke about my body, so I felt depressed and took a challenge to reduce my weight in a month. I also took help from the internet, and I found an article about a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, in the beginning, stage, it was a hurricane task for me and reducing the weight was not a piece of cake and even it required lots of struggle and dedication, I made up my mind to complete that goal within one month. Firstly I started the morning walk and avoided all the junk food as well as Sweet meals. So it was a kind of difficult for me to stay away from that meals because I took a sweet dish every time a day, Such as chocolate and sugary item, which I hardly give up. The first turned ten days were quite difficult for me to stay away from this kind of meal. I also skip the morning walk or exercise, but I also remember my challenge, Which I need to fulfil in a month. Further, my father also gave me a lot of confidence about the completion of challenges, and he also said that once you complete the goals, you will improve your confidence level, which I took an oath I would do without any compromise. So I oh focused on my daily routine, and within 25 days, I reduced my weight is about 5 KG. I also improved that challenge with my friends as well as family members, and all the members appreciated my hard work to complete that challenge only given time. Therefore, I faced a lot of consequences to become on a regular as a Bing of a challenge, so that was a challenge when I have done with my presence of mind I also recommend an all my friends you need to complete your channels once you motivate yourself and you will achieve that milestone which you are seeking for.

Sample 2

You are there are so many challenges which we face on a day to day basis and today I want to talk about one important aspect of my life which was a cute challenge and I was able to completely achieve it regarding the swimming so recently in swimming pool which was established in my apartment and I was very nervous at the beginning because I have a huge phobia for water end my childhood I always I have never stepped down into any sort of water related the area and that it is time for me to overcome this make it as a challenge and do it in spite of any kind of Earth a week prior chance to encounter this and I had two reasons why I wanted to face this challenge to the first one was I really wanted to prove myself and the second one would be that all my fears were having fun and why can’t I also have this kinds of have this happiness and my life so it was it tedious process but I took a step by step and landed and step down into the swimming pool very happy and related to feel that I did something unachievable for the very first time cloud 9

Follow-ups of Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done

Question 1:- What challenges do young people face today?

Answer 1:- Well, there are numerous challenges which people face in their day to day life. Many people struggling with the health problems they also reduce their weight and some people like to competitions in a study, so they are the challenges which people like to fulfil with their presence of mind and it requires a lot of struggle and dedication and most people achieve that goal which they want.

Answer 2:- There are numerous difficulties young adults face on a daily first one is daily to reach their action on time, but however, due to the first link construction, it is making them difficult to places on facing so many homes they need to help their parents during their RAW their health does not in good condition and to balance both their personal as well as their professional life is TDS for them.

Question 2:- How do (young people) handle difficult or challenging tasks?

Answer 1:- There are a few alternatives which people like to handle their difficult challenges well. Task firstly, they need to get regular updates on their challenge and also make their mind to fulfil that challenge in Showtime of the period, so many people always do meditation for 15 to 20 minutes to enhance their physical as well as mind power to order to achieve that goal, so there are some few works in which people like to handle all the challenges perfectly.

Answer 2:- Find it difficult to handle this. They prefer to take guidance or help from their friends who are also on the sesame page. Some people are also, so they provide mental assistance to them.

Question 3:- Which do you think is better, to face these difficulties and challenges alone or to seek the help of others?

Answer 1:- So in my perspective and people fair is lots of difficulties when they all alone because there are lots of situations in which they can’t rectify the problems in their presence of mind and sometimes they get distracted from their goals moreover as a seeking Help from others as well as friends give all lots of motivation in every track show the chances of completing the gold is higher when we take help from the friends rather than do a challenge alone.

Answer 2:- It actually defence if a person of straw to difficulty in life then they can do it all by themselves feel that they are weak and timid then they may get professional help who are to guide and motivate them in any kind of circumstances.

Question 4:- Do you think people need to be challenged?

Answer 1:- Yes, of course, people need to be challenged in the day to day life. Challenges wake up, open your eyes and clear the vision within that we offer or not even aware that we have challenges is what often makes life meaningful it is celebrated and shouts it’s good to be alive, yet even though self-challenge is a positive aspect of life it can also be killed.

Answer 2:- Not really because if a person as the facing too many difficulties in life then they might lose confidence and it eventually leads to Excess stress and preparation so in my perspective A person should not have too many of difficulties in life rather than they can live a happy life and bacon be self-sufficient enough.

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