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Talk About a City That You Recently Visited 

Talk About a City That You Recently Visited  (1) (1)

Talk about a city that you recently visited 

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To be honest, I love exploring new areas, and Jaipur is the city that I found the most amazing place to visit because I was overwhelmed by its size and beauty. 

In fact, I remember almost every single minute that I spent there like it was just yesterday, although  I went there two months ago. Jaipur is a bustling city, the capital of the Indian state Rajasthan. I came to know about that place through the internet. one day, I was surfing the internet

and came across an article about the pink city (Jaipur) .after reading that article I made up my mind to visit that place once and explore its beauty. So My friends and I planned the trip randomly as we  all wanted to spend some time together, so we decided to go to any desert area; Jaipur was the best option.

Jaipur is divided into two main parts, the old city and  the modern city; therefore, tourists can enjoy an  eclectic mix of historic architecture and modern  buildings. Apart from that, one more thing that makes  this city famous worldwide is its architectural marvel,  which scatters the entire town in the form of  pink-colored forts, places, artistic temples, and  monuments. Due to the clever use of materials, almost  every building has its unique design.

We spent almost five days there, so we explored the  whole city on foot. And I really liked both parts of the city (old town and modern). For instance, while walking around its historical part, I enjoyed and explored  historically significant architecture, renowned monuments like Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, and the beautiful amber fort. 

We also went to 3 museums, among them, the science  museum was fascinating. What’s more, in my view, shopping in Jaipur is quite entertaining and amusing because Jaipur markets are loaded with local crafts  and original pieces of stuff. I visited the local market and purchased some local craft items like lakh bangle, mirror work jacket, and rajsthani dupatta. If I am talking about my experience there, I must say it was my life’s best trip. The attractions were so thrilling. I really loved the place. And I wish to visit it with my family next time. It was an electrifying experience. If I get a chance to revisit Jaipur, I won’t miss the boat.


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