Talk about a day off that you took to relax from work Ielts Exam

Talk about a day off that you took to relax from work speaking cue card with answer. please say

  • What you did?
  • Where you went?
  • who was there with you?
  • What you did to relax?

I’ve had many relaxing days in my life, but the day I’m going to talk about here is last Sunday. The whole month before that, I was very busy.

We were getting our house repainted, and I was busy helping my parents in setting and resetting the furniture and almirahs. So, last Saturday, the whole work was over, and we all family members heaved a sigh of relief.

On Sunday, we went to see a movie 🎥. We saw “Dabang” in Sarb Multiplex. We really enjoyed a lot. We had popcorn 🍿 and Pepsi 🥤 during the interval. After the movie, we went for shopping 🛍️.


We didn’t buy much, but we enjoyed the window shopping. Then, we went to Haveli and enjoyed the traditional Punjabi food 🍲 at Rangla Punjab.

We also saw a cultural programme that was going on over there. You know, ma’am, on that day, Gurdas Mann had come there with his troupe. There was a lot of rush there.

People were queuing up to take his autograph ✍️. He is a very popular Punjabi singer, lyricist, actor, and director. We returned home very late in the night. It was a day full of fun and frolic. It was a very relaxing day for me.

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