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Talk About A Debatable Issue: Speaking Cue Card

Talk About A Debatable Issue Speaking Cue Card

Talk About A Debatable Issue

Sample 1 Talk About A Debatable Issue

One of the most common debatable topics includes studying abroad. Some people believe that going abroad after leaving your native place is an ill-judged approach. On the other hand, a few people opine that leading lives towards an impressive growth trajectory is wise, and international exposure is the best option for achieving that. It is debatable because, on the one side, it leads to living a solitary life away from your family with emotional turmoil.

On the contrary, it provides individuals with a better standard of living and growth in their careers. In my opinion, it is worthwhile to study abroad because staying away from our native country doesn’t mean that we do not love our motherland. And we can support our mother nation by bringing new ideas from our experiences. On the other hand, staying in the same place keeps us short of ideas. Hence it is worthwhile to study abroad.

Sample 2 Talk About A Debatable Issue

There is no ambiguity in saying that nowadays, many people debate daily about common things with their kith and kin and sometimes with experts. It has been a controversial matter among people as often as I participated in debate competitions organized by local members and experts on different aspects such as health, transportation, business, farming, globalization, global warming, and studies in science.

In addition, all the experience is hauling for myself because I have learnt a lot of knowledge related to this purpose. However, I would like to share an important issue: based pollution, which is increasing by leaps and bounds due to the advancement of technology. Apart from that, in 2016, I participated in a debate competition and spoke on pollution, which is increased by traffic, industry and urbanization. A majority of people are convinced to use private vehicles instead of local transport.

Furthermore, even though the debate in the main hall had lasted approximately an hour and a half, I chose negative effects on health and the respiratory system, and experts noted points on the paper. In the past, the masses were healthier and fitter than the modern world because they used to bicycle and dispose of garbage in farming, but now it is dumped in rivers and beaches. So I gave many views I put in front of them that led to detrimental ailments and solutions to tackle them.

Furthermore, the government should provide local transport systems that are fast and convenient. This should provide awareness on how to control pollution by recycling, and people should also understand their responsibilities as they prefer to limit private vehicles. I felt overwhelmingly encouraged because the professionals gave me many comments and started clapping at the end of the debate. Since then, I’ve been fascinated and have always suggested to my cousin, sister, and brother that we debate alternative issues, even if they are unrelated to academics.

Follow Up Questions Talk About A Debatable Issue

Question 1. Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School?

Answer 1:- A mental health day is a day off from school to rest and recharge. Giving students the chance to take the can have huge benefits. Students can make the most of this day off by doing the activities they love, like art, sports, or going out and enjoying good food. Mental health days shouldn’t be used to avoid a touch assignment or a problem at school.

Answer 2:- Yes, I consider that learners should attain physical and mental stability training from parents and trained experts after school, which helps to decrease the stress from their minds and make them fit mentally. For example, most students get good mental health and can easily concentrate on work in their daily routine.

Question 2. What Topics Do You Wish You Could Learn About in School?

Answer 1:- I wish the school should have emphasized communication skills as a separate subject. I used to have lots of issues with public speaking and stage fright. I used to be very anxious during classroom presentations of other subjects. Communication skills can be instrumental in the later period of life when we join a corporate. So, I wish I could have learned it as a subject when I was a child as it is excellent to be learned in childhood days to boost confidence.

Answer 2:- I learnt enormous topics in my senior secondary. After I got good outcomes in mathematics, science, and physical education, I could learn about cooking on weekends from my tutor according to my interest, which attracted me to cooking, which has long-term position effects.

Question 3. Do You Believe Aliens Exist?

Answer 1:- I think there is a possibility of another life in the universe. Because it does not make sense that in this entire universe with millions of galaxies, there is only one Milky way galaxy, with one planet called Earth having a life. There surely are chances of having aliens in different galaxies in the universe. There is also much evidence supporting this statement, and it has been claimed that they did visit Earth some decades ago.

Answer 2:- Certainly, I trust existing aliens because they always bring curiosity and attraction to me and help me get more experience regarding things.

Question 4. Should Stay-at-Home Parents Be Paid?

Answer 1:- I believe Stay-at-Home Parents should at least get a basic income. Stay-at-Home Parents need to nurture the child and its cognitive development; hence it becomes necessary for them to spend some time with their child for some initial period. Taking care of an infant is exhausting both physically and psychologically.

Answer 2:- I think a house guardian should pay up to some extent for numerous reasons, but the predominant one is that sometimes leads to awful and aggressive behaviour. To cite an example, the majority of the population spends a chunk of money on things which are not necessary for them and will face difficulties regarding investment.

Question 5. Can Social Media Be a Tool for Learning and Growth in Schools?

Answer 1:- Social media promotes self-directed learning, which prepares students to search for answers and make decisions independently. Social network tools allow students and institutions multiple opportunities to improve learning methods.

Answer 2:- In the modern world, social apps and media play a crucial role in the lives of learners and professional careers, by which they can be encouraged to get more experience regarding studies and languages, also contributing to school growth. They allowed computer science, piqued students’ interest and resulted in the best academic outcomes as of 2018.

Question 6. Should Facebook Fact-Check Political Speech?

Answer 1:- I think that Facebook has the right to decide its policies. I don’t have a problem with them doing fact-checking, but I would hope they would be transparent. If they’re doing fact-checking, it’s because of a perceived desire for that among their user base. They will do as much of it as required to keep their user base growing and enhance their profits.

Question 7. Should text While Driving Be Treated Like Drunken Driving?

Answer 1:- I think driving a vehicle while texting is more dangerous than intoxicated driving. Writing a text message slows down the driver’s reactions. Texting can certainly wait. Life is busy but also precious. Texting takes your eyes off the road for around five seconds which can lead to misfortune. If you can’t wait to read a message, pull over and stop first. If you’re afraid, you’ll give in to temptation, put the phone out of reach or ask a passenger to read the message and reply.

Question 8. How Do You Think Indian Education Could Be Improved?

Answer 1:- Training teachers with the latest technologies and advances are the key to improving India’s education system. Proper training not only explains that the teachers are updated with the changes of time but also develops the country’s education system. Well-trained and skilled teachers can adequately teach the students.

Question 9. Should Public Transit Be Free?

Answer 1:- No, I do not believe in making public transportation fees. The charges can be kept minimum, but chargeless will not profit those making a living out of these services.

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