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Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build

Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build (1)
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Talk about a Dreamhouse you would like to build

Sample 1

I want to build a bungalow. From far away, it will be seen like a Vila. The big gate will be automatically operated. After emerging the house, there will be a big hall with a big sofa, television and big frame of my god. After that dining room and kitchen. Kitchen with all the modern facilities like the automatic dishwasher. After that on the 1st floor my bedroom. With all over mirror.King size bed. I want to make all this near the sea. In my house, I want a big parking area, gym garden, and terrace swimming pool. I like nature so I want my place near the sea where I can enjoy all the sessions nicely.

Sample 2

In our world, most people have different types of big dreams that some individuals can work on it and achieve their dreams. Today I would like to talk to you about my dream house. The dream house is a luxurious big house with good furniture and ventilated area. The house is located in well-developed big cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad. Dream build is located in Hyderabad city. It is a big hill station city, and that area is also well ventilated as well as their climate is cool. In my house there were lots of facilities available such as in front of my house it is lawn, in the living room is decorated with different colors of lighting and home is designed by the interior, so it is astonishing. I changed that place because I have lived in that place since my birth, and I feel bored at that home, and our neighbors also changed their homes. In my city, there were no job opportunities, and this city is developed. So I want to live in a good, well, developed city.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Dreamhouse You Would Like to Build

Question 1:- Do most people in Your Country live in an apartment or house?

Answer 1:- It depends on the city you live in. In small cities houses are preferable. And in the big city, due to lack of space, they build an apartment. Also in small city peoples thinking is to have there own land on which they built a home. So they do not like to stay in the apartment as they feel that they do not have their own land.

Answer 2:- In my country there are some of the big cities, and these cities are well developed and that people can live in their own home. And in the countryside area, people live in apartments. But nowadays, the countryside area is also developed day by day so people can live in their own homes.

Question 2:- Would You like to Live in a Foreign Country in the Future?

Answer 1:- Yes, of the curse. This is the reason why I am trying to crack the English examination. I want to settle down in a forging country. One of the reasons behind this is I feel that the future of my daughter will be bright if I go out of India.

Answer 2:- I plan to go abroad for my higher education in international universities. It is my dream to go and live with foreigners. But I’m not a living with permanent resident after completing my course I return back to India.

Question 3:- Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Answer 1:- Most people prefer to stay without their parents. Sometimes it happens that due to job and educational purposes they have to live without their parents. And as compared to past the thinking is changing because youngsters want to enjoy their life as they want. They do not like interruption.

Answer 2:- most people can live with their parents as well as they can take care of their parents. But some individuals can not live with their parents because they go outside to their education. In my country, most young people do not live with their parents.

Question 4:- Do Young People in Your Country prefer to Live with their Parents?

Answer 1:- No. Now now. Previously it was that they enjoyed their company, but now it has been changed. They do not want their presence. They feel parents are putting restrictions on them, so they avoid being with them as well. One of the reasons is the job. Many are not living with parents is the reason that they need to change the city for the purpose of work.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, the youngest individual can go to other cities or countries for their education. Because they think that nowadays the competition is very tough so young people are not live with their parents.

Question 5:- Do people in Your Country like to rent a place to live?

Answer 1:- Yes. Now it is the small size of family so extra place they give on rent so that there is a side income which will be fixed for the month. There is no risk of getting rent. Also, u used area of the house can be utilized so that they do not need to clean it by themselves as it will be used by tenants.

Answer 2:- Some individuals belong to poor families. They can’t afford to buy their own house. In the smallest cities, people are living in rented houses. In my country, most of the people can be living with rent houses.

Question 6:- Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Answer 1:- Yes, of the curse. This is the reason why I am trying to crack the English examination. I want to settle down in a forging country. One of the reasons behind this is I feel that the future of my daughter will be bright if I go out of India.

Answer 2:- As I told you before, I recently plan to go abroad for my higher education. I don’t want to live in a foreign with a permanent resident. After completion of my course, I return back to India.

Question 7:- How is modern home design in your country different from that of the past?

Answer 1:- Previously there was a similar design for the houses, whether with big space or small. But now, everything depends upon the availability of the space. Now there are maximum uses of the place previously. It was like a waste of space. There was more unused area, but now every corner of the house is available to use.

Answer 2:- In modern design, houses are totally different from the past. In past houses, it is not designed as well as they are not furnishing. In the modern house is luxurious, in all rooms, they are designed with different colors of lighting as well furniture, in modern houses, there are new technology gadgets available such as washing machine, oven.

Question 8:- In your country, what type of home do most people live in?

Answer 1:- Mostly it is like duplex kind of houses. Where on the ground floor, they have one hall, bedroom, and kitchen. While on the second floor two or three bedrooms with balconies, depending upon the size of the family and space. With the facility of parking for vehicles.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, most people’s choices are changing day by day. In my country, all People can be preferred to live in their own house that is well decorated, and all facilities are available in that house.

Question 9:- Do people prefer to live in Modern Homes or older-style homes (for example, from 50 years ago)?

Answer 1:- Modern homes. As the days had the thinking also become modern. The youngsters do not like to watch old houses, so there is no question about staying in that kind of house. Also if we talk about the old age people they also changed by the time passes they also enjoy staying in the modern house as they get all the facilities.

Answer 2:- In old-age people or some of the people those are living that past homes they don’t like to live our big modern house. They think that past houses are good as compared to the present house.

Question 10:- How are modern homes different from older homes?

Answer 1:- Previously homes were staring. From start to end, everything can be visible. Now there are parts in different hose rooms that have separate doors and which are not viable from outsiders.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, most individuals live in a modern home, and as compared to the old home, it is totally different. Because old home is made by the muds and that house walls are not color in their houses not available all facilities. In that houses, meals were cooked on the stove. In modern homes, they are made with blocks of cement, and the town wall is painted. In that houses all facilities are available as well as technical gadgets are available such as gas stove, oven, washing machine, etc. So that’s why there is a huge difference between old houses and modern houses.

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