Talk About a Famous Chef or Cookbook Author Whom You Admire Cue Card

Talk About a Famous Chef or Cookbook Author Whom You Admire.

  • Who Is He?
  • What Does He Do?
  • Why Do You Admire Him?

Well, being a chef is not an easy task 🍳. Because it is very difficult for a chef to win the hearts of people by making delicious food items 🌟. Here, I would like to speak about a famous chef, who is well-known in the whole world, and he is none other than Mr. Vikas Khanna.

He is known for his generosity and outgoing personality 🌍. He is a great chef and has settled in New York, and he has his two restaurants in Abu Dhabi 🏙️.

I admire him more because he is very hardworking and dedicated to his work, and inspired a million youngsters to exhibit their talent in MasterChef 🌱.

He had a leg deformity, and due to his disability, he was not able to walk even at the age of 15, but he never lost his heart and showed his interest in cooking ❤️.

Actually, he was interested in seeing his grandmother working in the kitchen, and his grandmother told him about different kinds of herbs and gave him knowledge about cooking 🌿.

It made him interested in making his career as a chef. After struggling a lot, he became famous. He proved that nobody can stop a person from getting success if he is confident and has a willingness. So, this is the person whom I admire the most 🌈.

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Part 3 Questions

Question 1: What initially drew you to this chef or cookbook author?

Well, I was mostly influenced by his courage because he had a leg deformity but despite this, he exhibited his talent as a great chef, and this thing really inspired me more ⭐.

Question 2: Can you mention any specific dishes or recipes from them that you’ve tried or want to try?

Yes, I have tried a pancake by watching his video. I made it by using fresh fruits and vegetables, and it was so delicious and healthy 🥞. I tried it 3 times, and after that, I was able to make it perfectly.

Question 3: How has this chef or author influenced your cooking or perception of food?

This chef has greatly influenced me to know more about spices, herbs, and how homemade things can be made delicious by using basic things in the kitchen. Moreover, the appearance of a dish is as important as its taste, so I learned a lot about these things 🌟.

Question 4: Do you own their cookbooks or regularly watch any of their shows?

Well, I have subscribed to his YouTube channel and regularly watch his TV shows about foreign cuisines and get up-to-date information 📺. He also teaches how a person can blend foreign food into their cultural food.

Question 5: What unique qualities or style does this chef or author bring to the culinary world?

He has brought a new trend in cooking, as using less oil and preparing food with the help of steam can be beneficial for people. Now, people are unhealthy due to excessive unhealthy ingredients, so he gave a unique way to combat diabetes. Diabetic people also get a variety of food items or recipes through his instructions 🍲.

Question 6: Are there any anecdotes or stories about this chef or author that particularly resonated with you?

Yes, his personal story, when he was a child, really had a great impact on me, as I was greatly influenced by the way of his living because being disabled, he did not lose heart and showed his interest in cooking, and now he has become a successful chef 🚀.

Question 7: How do you think this chef or cookbook author stands out from others in the industry?

This person really stands out from others in many ways as he belongs to a poor family. Despite being poor, he never stopped himself from chasing his dream to become a successful chef. He continued to work hard and even started his career on a low salary, but now with his efforts and hard work, he is a successful person 💼.

Question 8: Would you like to meet them in person, and if so, what would you ask them or discuss with them?

Yes, I would like to meet him personally and would like to know more about cooking. Moreover, knowing about foreign cuisines and what things are mostly needed to become a good chef is really needed to know from him, as he is an expert in cooking, so I would like to discuss these things 🤝.

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