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Talk About a Flower You Received as A Gift: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk About a Flower You Received as A Gift Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a flower you received as a gift

Sample Answer of Talk About a Flower You Received as A Gift

I received a flower on Valentine’s day last year, 14th February 2022. It was a rose flower, which had a fruity smell, and it was wrapped with two pieces of chocolates and delivered to my office right before I left the office.

My hubby gifted me this flower a few minutes before leaving the office for his scheduled dinner date.

It was gifted as a sign of his affection and love towards me. Secondly, the day marked our 3rd anniversary since we met, which was a big surprise to me since I had forgotten about it.

I loved it because the rose and parking were in my favourite colour, red, and most importantly, it had a love card with the most beautifully written love words I have ever read.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Flower You Received as A Gift

Question 1:- What is the purpose of gift-giving?

Answer – Gift-giving serves many purposes. It can be done as a way of showing affection, apologizing for wrong deeds, or appreciating family, friends, and loved ones. Our African culture also gives gifts during ceremonies to climax the event.

Question 2:- How has gift-giving changed since your grandparents’ time?

Answer – In the older days, our grandparents gave simple gifts like livestock, pets, and farm produce with no intended meaning. Nowadays, facilities have become more varied, from chocolates beautiful clothes, jewellery, and even luxurious car. Nowadays, gifts are more or less used to show a person’s wealth, and it’s more of a show-off rather than appreciation.

Question 3:- How important is gift-giving in a relationship?

Answer – Gift-giving in a relationship unites two people, brings excitement and adds some sizzle while strengthening the bond. It shows that each partner values the other according to the gift given.

Question 4:- What is more important when it comes to giving a gift, cost or effort?

Answer – Well, effort stands out from the gift cost simply because it shows the other person’s worthiness towards their partner and the great sacrifices they make for their union.

Question 5:- Do you think that people have become more materialistic when it comes to giving gifts compared to your grandparent’s time?

Answer – Yes, of course. People have become so materialistic and taken it to another worrying level. People are competing against each other to show off who has more money. It beats the whole purpose of gifting. We need to learn a lot from our grandparents on how they gifted each other so we can change this for the better.

Question 6:- How has modern technology changed the nature of gift-giving?

Answer – Modern technology has dramatically changed the nature of giving gifts, especially with gift apps and parcels. You can send a gift that reaches in minutes, hours or even a day. All you need to do is have an app, a smartphone and money in an exchange platform such as M-PESA, and you will be good to go!

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