Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

  • Who do you speak with?
  • Where you were?
  • What the conversation was about?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting.

Sample 1 Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

I have millions of friends and I love to talk with them to be honest with you I am I extrovert person so I have affinity towards towards talking with my friends its lead two augment my knowledge as well as I can know about him I don’t know show here I would like to talk about a time add when I had a conversation with my friends it’s all about the living in abroad I wish to go abroad for my heart study so I wanted to know about the their culture and job opportunity my friend came from India to attend hi sister wedding so we made at my friend house so we start conversation about the aprot he started giving me advice that I should learn I any particular skin sure that I can quickly get a job in art abroad another thing he he gave he advised me that you should learn about the cooking becausr we have to cook food by ourself and also Dave Edward ID given information about the cultures and job opportunity and education system I was over the moon because they give me some important information about abroad so that is the conversation that I had.

Sample 2 Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

A relationship is more fun when an interesting conversation is always present. Most of my friends talk fascinatingly. However, I would like to talk about the one I found to have the most awesome words. Her name is Margaret. She has been a friend since my undergraduate days, but we have been physically apart for about two years. We recently decided to reunite and planned to meet in our hometown during the Esther period. We both met, and we had several conversations. However, I found a particular topic interesting: her getting married in December and how her partner proposed to her. She said that on her birthday, which was February 14th, her fiancee organised a surprise birthday for her, and while he was unveiling the surprise, he knelt and asked her to marry him. I was fascinated by this because I have been looking forward to it when a close friend marries. Also, I was so happy with the news because I had a wedding to plan and a chief bridesmaid’s duty to perform.

Part 3 Questions Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

Question 1:- How do friends communicate with each other?

Answer 1:- It’s a tricky question for me. However, I would say that friend spoke with friend Grecia gracefully. Some people talk with fanlike parents and share everything with them; however, some talk very rudely with their friends because they know they never leave me alone. Yes, some other people worry you respect their friends. Ann communicates politely with them.

Answer 2:- Friends communicate through different means. Some call, text or video call each other through social media like WhatsApp or phone, whereas some engage in physical conversation.

Question 2:- What’s the difference between having a conversation with a man and having a conversation with a woman?

Answer 1:- There is a vast difference between communicating with females and with men. For example, if some people men communicate with determine Dave, communicate confidently without hesitating hesitate to share anything with them. However, if they communicate with females, they don’t try to use only respective or selective words; they never use abusive words with females. Also, they try to respect dead females.

Answer 2:- I don’t think there is any difference between communicating with males and females. Although, some believe that women show more emotions during conversation than men.

Question 3:- Do you think women like to chat more than men?

Answer 1:- In this contemporary gender differences have disappeared, so it’s quite cumbersome to say that women chat more than men. However, I would say that yes, one has lots of time, especially in India, so they usually chat about their French film with a family member while chatting.

Answer 2:- Women like to chat more than men because they are garrulous. Therefore they tend to talk more.

Question 4:- When men chat with other men do they usually talk about the same things that women do when they chat with other women?

Answer 1:- Yes, well my experience, I would say that it’s altered whenever men communicate with other men then they talk about the cricket match movie and some other imperative thing which is related to their future and their career; however, the women communicate with other woman’s about the Daily Show and beauty products him sometime date talk about the food and some woman like to talk about loads and so on.

Answer 2:- I think Men conversation is usually centred on their careers and sports, while women talk mostly about their families and personal well-being. Therefore I don’t think the content of men’s conversations is the same as that of women.

Question 5:- What is the difference between chatting and gossiping?

Answer 1:- There is a large bridge between chatting and gossiping. Chatting is a constructive conversation, while gossip is destructive. Secondly, Chat is not always about other people, while gossip is. Finally, gossip is usually a result of hatred or jealousy.

Question 6:- Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

Answer 1:- I prefer both of them according to my situation. Whenever I want to discuss my future and my career goal then, I talk with my parents because there they are the only ones who guide me on the right part, while whenever I want to talk about my fashion lifestyle, all somewhere dirty imperative things suggest what to buy what to wear another thing at that time I love to talk about my friends.

Answer 2:- I love to chat with both of them because conversations with them are always  interesting. I love to chat with my parents because of the knowledge and direction I will get from their wealth of knowledge. Also, I like to converse with friends because it is usually fun.

Question 7:- Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer 1:- I can see in the world that most people have only two to three friends in their life. Also, I read a survey on the go surety news. Insert this show 75% of the man in the world only have to shoot three friends because of the interword because they are into words and shy to communicate with strangers.

Answer 2:- It is difficult to generalise since I don’t know everyone. However, some people I know like a small circle of friends while others have many.

Question 8:- How do most people make new friends in your country?

Answer 1:- There are myriads of techniques which people use in my country to make a fence nowadays. Instagram play a cardinal role in making offence people firstly send a request and then try to communicate with their dead person; another thing is there, whenever did meet a person at any place, 20 try to communicate with them have you word some people also give a rose. Some give in order to make friends.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, people make new friends on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, unlike in the past, when people make friends in their neighbourhood, schools and workplace, although some still use this method.

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