Talk About a Good Quality You Admire in Your Friend

Talk About a Good Quality You Admire in Your Friend’s Speaking Cue Card with The Answer

  • When Did He/She Do It?
  • What Did You Learn from It?
  • What Difficulties Did Your Friend Find in Doing It?

I have a few friends because I believe in quality, not quantity. So, I have some good friends. But today, I would like to talk about my best friend, Tejinder Singh.

He is the principal of his private school and also manages another branch. He possesses many admirable qualities, but the best is his consciousness about his health.

Despite his very busy daily schedule, he always tries to reserve time for exercise. He regularly visits the nature park, where he engages in exercise and yoga for some time.

He also learned this activity from me, as he always motivated me to exercise because he firmly believes that only a healthy person can build a strong nation.

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I am inspired by his skills, and I also visit there to exercise and do yoga with him. By doing this, we “kill two birds with one stone” because we not only keep ourselves fit and healthy but also spend some quality time with each other, sharing our sorrows and happiness.

Sometimes, he faces difficulties in performing his activities because his parents are older, and he is keen to look after them. Managing two schools alone, sometimes he becomes unable to find time for these activities. 💪🏼📚🌿🧘‍♂️❤️.

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