Talk About a Law on Environmental Protection

Talk about a law on environmental protection

You should say

  • what is it?
  • How you first learned about it?
  • Who benefits from it?
  • And explain how you feel about this law.

The environment is an essential aspect of human life, and to protect the environment, many governments across the globe are taking several steps. I remember that in my country five years ago there was a law introduced by the authority that usage of plastic bags should be banned in each and every shop so this plastic back band was put because it really harms our environment. There are other disadvantages like if animals like a cow consume plastic packs then it.

It is very harmful to them as well initially, and this law was not very much successful; the government did not provide Alternate options to the people of the country, but after two years government strictly announced on world environment day that the uses of plastic bags which are having the material of fewer than 5 microns should be banned and this time government came up with an alternative as well like cloth packs paper bags and the bags which are having a good quality of plastic especially more significant than 5 Micron, so this law was implemented successfully.

I remember shopkeepers were not keeping the low quality plastic bags which they used to keep earlier. It has benefited as a citizen I can tell that I do not see any black plastic bags, which were very common before 5 to 10 years in a survey I read recently it was saying that due to these plastic bags, many cows were having problems conceiving their child, so yes this is beneficial for society and planet earth. I appreciated this law because I like to admire the environment. After all, it is the source of our existence.

Follow-Ups of Talk About a Law on Environmental Protection

Question 1:- Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?

As I mentioned earlier initially, people were not very serious about discarding plastic bags from their life because women especially were using plastic bags for buying vegetables and fruits. Still, after two years when the government strictly banned plastic bags, they also give it serious consideration to using cloth packs or paper bags.

Question 2:- Is there any situation wherein people may disobey the law?

Yes, there are several shopkeepers, especially in rural areas, who are still not following the law of not using plastic bags, but the government is taking few actions against them; the punishment for using plastic bags is increased, and they are also charged a considerable amount when they’re caught using the plastic bags which are not allowed to use

Question 3:- Do people like being a forest officer in your country?

Absolutely forest officers are really playing a huge role in our society because I remember in one of the forests near my home which is known as Gir forest there the environment officer and animal officer decide when to start the migration of the animals and they also are very keen to protect the environment for keeping the animals alive so yes they are doing a great job and they are also getting huge appreciation by the government

Question 4:- What qualities should a forest officer process?

Firstly the forest officer should be very honest because it is very easy to corrupt in this field. I remembered back in 2016, there was a forest officer found in the state Karnataka who was giving the wood of many trees to smugglers, and he individually had damaged too much environment, so honesty is the first quality. Secondly, the officer should be interested in this field if he’s not interested in working in the environment, then he won’t take much efforts to protect it that is what my opinion is

Question 5:- Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?

Hey, so I think interest is the factor behind preferring lawyer as an as an occupation because when someone is really good in arguing and putting their point Also, who is a great orator he will be able to explain each and every situation with every detail so they must be choosing the occupation as a lawyer that is what I think.

Question 6:- Should people be penalised when they throw plastic bottles in the hill stations?

I completely agree that people should be immensely penalised when they spoil the environment while they go on Hill stations because I have observed that so many Hill station in my state is becoming hot, hotter and hotter day by day because of this usage of plastics. They are not able to maintain the cool and serene atmosphere they used to have a year or a decade before, so I think the usage of plastic itself should be banned on the Hill station. If people are caught red-handed using plastic bags, then they should be highly charged for that hey hey.

Question 7:- Do you think both men and women can be forest officers?

This is no brainer in today’s world when women are ahead of men in almost every field, and it is possible for them to become a forest officer and that to a successful one.

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