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Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip That You Would Like to Take

Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip That You Would Like to Take (1)

Talk about a long bike, motorbike, or car trip that you would like to take

Sample Answer of Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip That You Would Like to Take

Well, my friend and I are thinking about a bike tour of the states. We want to travel by motorcycle across all conditions if possible, but I think that might take too long, so we’ll probably start by covering each district of Kerala. We are thinking about doing it the summer after graduation from university – before we start work because when we start work, I’m pretty sure we’ll both be busy for the first couple of years and probably won’t have much time to think about taking an extended vacation or making a trip like this. But unfortunately, the pandemic hits the world awfully, and everything is changed, so we both are now waiting for things to settle down. We want to take the ride from the Kasaragod, which is one of the districts of Kerala located in the north part of India, to the south covering 14 districts. It will probably take more than two months to explore the whole district.

Moreover, we made a plan in which each section has one serene or breathtaking landscape. Rather than visiting the entire community, our destinations will be one landscapes to the other. Why am I interested because I’m really into bike journeys? I can smell the air while I am driving. I can play in the rain if it is raining. I don’t want to wait for anyone other than that one of the benefits of the bikes; it’s so easy to make a detour and see something interesting before continuing to the next planned destination. But that’s the great thing about a road trip – you can be flexible about your itinerary when you’re not flying, and you don’t have to check in at certain times.

Follow-ups Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip That You Would Like to Take

Question 1:- Do people in your country often travel by bike?

Answer – As far as I am concerned, People in my country are really into bike travelling. For instance, travelling to Kulu Manali in the bullet is one of the main dreams of most people in my country, especially the people of my city. Moreover, road trip related movies also plant some dreams in people minds that they can travel anywhere if they have a bike and enough money to feed it.

Question 2:- Which is more convenient, bicycle or a car?

Answer – Well, both vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are opting for the car, sometimes we don’t need to go for another stay because we can stay in the car or sleepover in it moreover the vehicle’s storage capacity is more when compared to bicycles. Still, more money is need for the car for its maintenance. On the other hand, bikes are handier and less expensive.

Question 3:- Do you think that children should learn riding skills from an early age?

Answer children should learn bicycle balance at their tender age because at their age they can grasp the skills easily moreover if they learner to ride a bike at their earlier age if any emergency they can handle it. For instance, my friend helped her little brother when he swallowed a button into the nose her both parents were working at that time she took her father motorbike and made him sit in front and ran into the hospital at that she was studying in 19th standard.

Question 4:- Do you think cycling is an excellent way to exercise?

Answer cycling is an excellent exercise method for anyone wants to burn their calorie. I often do cycling not for three fundamental purposes of burning my calories rather enjoying the scenery.

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