Describe a short Journey that you often take but do not like

Describe a short Journey that you often take but do not like
● where you go
● – when you go there
● – why you go there
● – and explain why you do not like this trip

sample answer:

journeys are part of everyone’s life. Some people ride for work and some for study. Here I would like to talk about a journey which I often take but I do not like most. As I am working as a software developer one of the renowned organizations.

where you go

for their exposure, I. have to visit some colleges which are far away from college. My job is to motivate pupils towards new technologies. so that they can also think about to make their future in this field. To visit that college, I have to ride on a motorbike. as the roads are red so it is very difficult to reach the destination.

when you go there

Usually I visit once a week to handle the queries and

why you go there

to give more information about coming technologies. I remember
one day my bike got punctured due to the weird road I did not found any worker because of this I have to walk with a motorbike. Moreover, I have to wait for alot due to a lot of traffic congestion. Due to this, sometimes I got late to reach college.

and explain why you do not like this trip

Another thing is that when people aware that there is no space for moving still they started honking. When I
heard the loud horns, I feel irritated and it ruins my whole day. Even, I feel tensioned the day before when I have to visit the college. so this is the journey which I really do not like.


  1. Do Indian people like to travel abroad?
    Ans: Definitely Yes!… Most of the Indians love to visit abroad once in their life. even some
    people make the trip after their marriage to explore the foreign country.

  1. How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?
    Ans: According to me, people should spend at least one week on a trip abroad. because it's not
    easy to make the trip outside of the country every month or year.

  1. Who prefers traveling abroad, the young or the old?
    Ans: In my view, Mostly young people like to visit abroad because they have more strength for
    a long journey. Moreover, they love to explore more about a foreign country


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