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Talk about a moment when you had to make a decision to go against your manager at work

Talk about a moment when you had to make a decision to go against your manager at work

You should say:

and explain what the outcome of this was.

Sample 1:-

Well, in this modern world, each and every person has to make decisions. Some decisions have proved good but some are not. Here I would like to talk about a decision that I had made against my manager at my workplace. I explain it briefly.

About a year ago, I had worked as a waiter in a well-reputed restaurant named “Preet Resorts” in my hometown. I was doing this job due to pay my course fee. Actually, that restaurant was established by a rich person of my hometown. He hired a manager to check the work of all the employees of the restaurant.

That manager’s name was Bunty. the manager was a cruel man who did not care about feelings of workers as well as consumers. No one liked him but people went there just to enjoy the food of the restaurant. Once a time, a family came here for dinner. That family consisted of five members. They took their seats and ordered for food according to their choice. I took their order. I and other waiters served them food.

Then, suddenly the manager came there and started insulting that family. I did not know why did he like that? but I knew that the manager is doing wrong with the customers. I tried to calm that manager but he did not understand. he pushed me away. I fall down and my head hit with the corner of a table. I had a wound on my head. An employee of the restaurant took me to a doctor.

I had to take medicine to heal my wound. I felt very angry about the beautiful behavior of our manager. But did not any word to the manager because I had afraid of the loss of my job. Then, that family is also felt bad and went away from there. That family never came there again after this fight. After some days, the owner of this restaurant came there.

I decided to tell him about the cruel behavior of the manager towards all the consumers. So, I told each and everything to the owner about the manager. I did not want to it but I did it for the goodness of clients I had taken a decision against the manager. The owner of the restaurant scolded the manager for inhuman behavior and fired him. I felt some relaxation after it.

Eventually, that was the time when I had to take a decision against my manager at work.

Sample 2:-

Well,  Nowadays, it is becoming more and more tough to do your duty with ease and main our position at a job. Because a number of students are completing their education but the number of jobs is becoming less and less. In this situation, the higher authorities start taking more work from their lower employees just because they have an option to replace them if they make an excuse. It also happens in our company where I worked as a salesman. I would like to share this briefly with you.
It was about 8 months ago I was working for a refrigerator company as a salesman of which revenue was going down and down daily. So, they have started increasing pressure on salesman by increasing our monthly targets. But actually, no-one was actually feeling the main reason of decreasing revenue. Actually, it was due to the quality of the products which were becoming worse and the service facility of a company also becoming worse day by day. Talk about a moment when you had to make a decision to go against your manager at work
Instead of taking some steps in these things, they increased our monthly targets. Due to its bad quality, even we weren’t able to sell their products according to the previous targets. So, we all decided to concern this factor with the manager and tell them what we have to do to make the situation fine.  Talk about a moment when you had to make a decision to go against your manager at work
We went to a manager to take there some time so that we could talk about our and the company’s problems. we shared all these concerns with him and ask to reduce our target. He told us to wait for 2 days to let him concern it with higher authorities. We all thought that higher authorities will never accept our idea but they finally accepted it. Not only this, our idea really increased their revenue and they finally realize that sometimes they have to make decisions from their lower employees as they have practical and field experience with their products.


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