Talk About a Natural Disaster in Your Area IELTS Exam

Talk about a natural disaster in your area. 

What was it?

What happened?

What did you experience?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Today is the world of nature. Whether the world has achieved enormous success in science and technology but in spite of this sometimes nature shows its powerful effects because in this trend of advancement man has forgotten the importance of nature and he goes against it. In this modern era, man is facing many types of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Today I would like to talk about a natural disaster which I have faced in my area a few years ago.

It was the time when I was doing my graduation. It was the winter days and I was studying in my room. I felt some disturbance in my room because the ceiling fan was escalating from one side to another. First of all, nothing came into my mind but when my mother at once entered my room and told me that our area experienced an earthquake, I at once scared and ran out of my room. I saw that everyone on the street came out of their houses. Fortunately, there was no destruction on our street but I heard that some houses were destructed in the other area and few people have also died because they were sleeping at that time. People were mourning the death of their near and dear ones.

We also visited the destructed area. There was utter devastation all around. The rescue teams had arrived at the spot and they carried out the work to search for the lost people. We also helped needy people. The people had lost their habitats and tents were being organized at the site. Many people arranged the food and other necessary medicines for the injured people because a team of professional doctors had also reached the site. First aid had been given to the minor injured people and seriously injured were taken to hospitals via ambulances. I experienced that nature is the mother of the universe and people should understand its importance.

Follow-Ups Talk About a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Q-1 What do you mean by natural disasters?

Ans: Natural disasters mean natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, heavy storms, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. Both living and nonliving creatures suffer from these disasters. Sometimes natural calamities destroy the whole cities in a bit of time.

Q-2 Have you experienced any natural disasters in your life?

Ans: Yes, it was the time when I was doing my graduation. I have seen floods in the state of Punjab. There was rainfall for one month continuously in Punjab and many cities and villages of Punjab suffered from floods. Thousands of acres of crops destroyed and many people lost their lives.

Q-3 Why the world faces more natural calamities in this modern era than in the last time?

Ans: It is because people are forgetting the importance of mother nature. They are going against it day by day. Pollution is the major cause of global warming which the world faces in the present era. Moreover, people cut the trees to a large extent and this affects the weather on the earth.

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