Talk about a Person Who Helps Others

Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time

  • Who this person is,
  • How often this person helps others,
  • How this person helps others,
  • Why this person helps others,
  • How do you feel about this person?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Person Who Helps Others

I would like to tell you about a person who always supports others during their spare time as a volunteering nurse. They are kindhearted people, and they want to participate in social services. Especially during this pandemic situation, they have sacrificed their time and effort helping other people affected by Covid 19 in the hospital.

They are a hero who should be appreciated by all people in the whole nation. I am very proud of volunteering nurse to become a part of supports to all people. They’re not only doing it for helping people in the pandemic but also older people who need help in the hospital. I hope that in the future, more people should be encouraged to help society in their free time.

Follow-ups Talk about a Person Who Helps Others.

Question 1. Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

Answer – I think so. I can see that during the pandemic, frontline people such as nurses, doctors and others tend to help each other to go through this disastrous situation together. So, I think that because we are in a hard situation, people tend to value more to treat other people well.

Question 2. Who should teach children to help others?

Answer – In my opinion, teachers should teach children to behave well and respect and help others. Kids tend to spend more time at school with the teacher rather than their parents so that teachers would have techniques to teach children more at school. However, parents should teach their children at home how important it can help others too.

Question 3. In what kind of professions do people help others more?


Answer – Well, I think healthcare workers and teachers seem to help people more in the hospital and in education as people really need to go to the hospital to check up on their health condition and kids need to go to school to get higher education. So, if we have a healthy life and a great education, we also can help to develop the country and be good citizens in the society.

Question 4. Why are some people willing to help others?

Answer – I think people who like helping others might have some experience of being asked for help, or they realize that if they help others, someday they will help them back. Some people tend to feel satisfied and happy to see people having happiness and beautiful life. Some people are willing to help others because of their responsibilities at work plus their good heart. For example, nurses and doctors can help people along with their duties at work because they love their jobs.

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