Talk About a Place for Playing: Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a place for playing, e.g. stadium, park

  • Where is it?
  • When you went there?
  • What did you do there?
  • And explain how you felt about this place.

Sample 1 Talk About a Place for Playing

Indeed, as far as I know, these days individuals have become techno-savvy owing to which they generally refuse to do outdoor activities nevertheless I am not one of those I am passionate about physical exercise however today I would like to shed some light on a place where I play actually it is none another than eminent park which is in the heart of the city.

Besides this, I learned about this park from my father because he is a health-conscious person and often does yoga there to maintain himself fit as a fiddle. What Is more, I go for a morning walk at the crack of dawn with my grandfather. After having walked with him, I got a feeling of serenity, and I felt refreshed as well as rejuvenated.

Apart from this, the first time I went, there was when I was in elementary school to play cricket with my classmates. Seriously at that time, I was over the moon because there was greenery all around, and I felt myself in the lap of nature. In addition, there are ample facilities which the administration of nature provides to the residents.


First of all, if I talk about senior citizens, there are separate sitting areas and a courtyard in order to sit separately. Nevertheless, On the paradoxical side, for youth, there are plenty of playgrounds, namely cricket as well as volleyball. Consequently, I always suggest to my near and dear ones about this place. To cut a long story short, this is a place where is often go there for physical exercise.

Sample 2 Talk About a Place for Playing

One of my favourite places for playing is the local park in my town. This park is located in the heart of the city, and I have been visiting it regularly for many years.

I first went to this park when I was a child, and I immediately fell in love with it. The park is sprawling, with lush green lawns, colourful flower beds, and towering trees that provide ample shade. There are several playgrounds with swings, slides, and climbing structures, as well as basketball and tennis courts for sports enthusiasts. Additionally, there are numerous walking paths that wind through the park, making it a popular destination for joggers and dog walkers alike.

Whenever I visit this park, I always make it a point to engage in some kind of physical activity. Whether it’s playing basketball with friends or going for a run, the park provides the perfect setting for outdoor recreation. On days when I am feeling more leisurely, I enjoy strolling through the park, taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

One of the things I love most about this park is the sense of community that it fosters. The park is always bustling with activity, and I have met many interesting people there over the years. Whether it’s families having picnics or groups of teenagers playing frisbee, the park is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to enjoy the outdoors.

Overall, I have a deep appreciation for this park and the role that it plays in my life. It is a place where I can escape the stresses of daily life and connect with nature and the community. Every time I visit, I feel a sense of rejuvenation and gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Place for Playing

Question 1:- Do young people like to do sports?

Answer – Without any second thought, most youngsters are passionate about sports because they know all the ropes of physical activities. However, if I talk about myself, I love to play cricket for two reasons. Firstly it is beneficial for my holistic development, and after playing cricket, I feel cool as a cucumber. Moreover, there is too much scope in the domain of cricket.

Question 2:- What are the benefits of sports for children?

Answer – According my perspective, sports are fruitful for children because it is not solely fruitful for fine motor skills but also for hand-eye coordination. In addition, playing sports also improves the respiratory and digestive systems.

Question 3:- Is it necessary to build public sports spaces?

Answer – Certainly, yes, as it plays an indispensable role. If I talk about myself, I deem that authority should make ample public parks in every street where individuals easily roam with their kith and kins ones. As building public places for physical exercise also encourages the individual to do something captivating.

Question 4:- What do you think of companies donating sports venues for poor children?

Answer – According to my perspective, the organisation should donate a chunk of capital to underprivileged children in order to make places for physical exercise where children play outdoor games rather than indoors. Also, it enhances their mental skills.

Question 5:- Are outdoor activities better than indoor activities?

Answer – Indeed, every coin has two sides. Besides this, outdoor and indoor activities are both quite indispensable. However, if I talk about myself, outdoor activities are imperative to improve my health as I do too much physical exercise to maintain fit as a fiddle.

Question 6:- What outdoor activities do young people like to do?

Answer – That is an interesting question. From my point of view, it varies from person to person. If I talk about myself, I love to play volleyball because it is a stressbuster activity for me. Moving further, it also improves my blood pressure as well as my heartbeat, and to be very honest, after playing volleyball, I feel fresh as a daisy.

Question 7:- Do you think that people who like to do adventurous activities are more likely to succeed?

Answer – Certainly, yes, there are too many reasons behind this question. First of all, with adventurous activities, individuals feel over the moon. Due to this, there are ample chances to become a successful person in life compared to the person who always feels demotivated.
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