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Talk About a Skill That You Would Like to Teach Others

Talk About a Skill That You Would Like to Teach Others (1)

Talk about a skill that you would like to teach others (other than drawing, cooking, or writing)

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Sample Answer of Talk About a Skill that You Would Like to Teach Others

Well, we all have some skills among few we have naturally, such as some are born with drawing skills. Some skills we learn and enhance in our life. I’m not good at teaching stuff, although today I would like to talk about a skill which I would like to teach others if I got an opportunity.
It is driving a bike.

Driving a bike is back of hand for me; I have been driving a bike for nearly 6 years. I also got a legal Indian Authorized license when I was a sophomore student. I learned this skill inherited from my father. I want to teach this skill who require to learn this skill, especially my allies.
Teaching this skill is a piece of cake for me; I’ve enough wisdom and experience. Thus, I think I can teach this skill.

We all know that driving is paramount; if someone is adolescent and unable to drive a vehicle, then he or she needs to depend on another person. Hence, having mastered this skill is beneficial. In the future, if I get the opportunity to teach this skill, then I would definitely love to do it and allocate him or her my precious time from my hectic work schedule.

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Question 1 What are the necessary qualities to be a good teacher?

Answer – Well, for being a good teacher, a host of qualities are needed. Teachers have enough passion for teaching a topic until learners absorb it fully. Moreover, telling a joke occasionally or creating a fun atmosphere in a class for a while aid student from tired to death. Most importantly, having a vast majority of insights into the subject is pivotal.

Question 2 Can anyone become a teacher?

Answer – Not everyone, to become a teacher, a person has some requirements. Firstly, education qualification, enough educational qualification open a door for a person. Later pass interviews are also required, especially before a job.

Question 3 Is it important to have a teacher to learn something?

Answer – Yes, I strongly believe that each and everyone has to learn something Whenever they got. Learning new and teach useful wisdom to pupils is also paramount.

Question 4 Do you think the environment plays a major role in teaching?

Answer – I don’t think an environment plays a vital role in teaching. We live in a tech-savvy era, and students learn or get education under a concrete roof with some providers such as ac, fans, and others. For example, if the outside is raining, it does not interrupt teaching despite the lack of concentration for pupils.

Question 5 Is the current education system failing to keep up with the change in society, in your opinion?

Answer – I think presently education system is changing the society. In other words, people were also educated in the past, but the community was not developed. Such as in India in the past, after the husband’s death, his wife ought to die.

Question 6 Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace a teacher?

Answer – Humankind got huge thrives on applied or robotics realm. I think in the future, people will prefer digital or online education, rather than humankind as a teacher, it is possible that Robot will teach.

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