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Talk about a Small Successful Business you know Well

Talk about a Small Successful Business you know Well



There is a place I keep coming back to week after week and sometimes even Day After day. And this place is a restaurant located just across the street from my office. it is relatively small, all with room for about 20 people. it service seafood, pasta, and pizza. Also, people can pop in to have a cup of coffee with some cake. it is always busy although There are several other Cafes nearby. this place is visited by many different people but It is particularly popular with high-income middle-aged people. I can’t say its super expensive to have a meal there, but not everybody can afford to visit it regularly. and yet, it is often difficult to book a table there as it is one of the most popular places in the City.

This business is owned and fully controlled by two brothers. as far as I know the other family members also work there. at least, they look like relatives. I judge by the way they behave and communicate with each other.

I like watching them work. and I do it really frequently. I can consider myself to be a regular visitor to the restaurant if we judge by a total number of visits without referring to the amount of food consumed ‘cause I sometimes drop in just to have a cup of coffee, sometimes I have a substantial meal. I really like it as a customer and I like the way the brothers do business. I think for this type of business choosing a location is one of the most critical issues as the difference between selecting the wrong location and the right site could be e the difference between failure and success.

This restaurant is easily accessible for customers, employees, and suppliers. it is a nice quiet place where people can pull out their laptops and work while waiting for their orders. by the way, the Wi-Fi very fast. I can’t help mentioning that the food is delicious, the menu is constantly enhanced and refined .also, in this industry customer service is no less important than food or location. Well the service as efficient as I never had to wait for more than half an hour to be served. it is homey and has a good vibe. so I go there for the atmosphere, food, and convenience.

I wish I knew the owners personally and could ask them what their recipe for success in business is and how they managed to create such a popular place.

Talk about a Small Successful Business you know






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