Describe a family business that you know

Describe a family business that you know

You should say:

About a family.

How do you know the family?

What is the type of business?

What is the story behind the success of the family?

Sample 1:-

Well, I belong to a developing city of Punjab named “Moga” city. I have been residing there since my childhood. There are a number of places which I like such as shopping complexes, a supermarket, movie theatre and some small business.

But here I would like to talk about a family business named “Preet Electronics”. In 1997, this business established by my grandfather’s best friend Mr. Bachan Singh. He started it in a small shop. On that time, He ran this business alone. He sold electronic products such as bulbs, voice recorders, fans, wires, and cables. He worked for it very honestly.

After five years, He changed his small shop and bought a big place to construct a showroom. Then, he converts his business into a big showroom. Moreover, he included his son Mr. Gurmail Singh in this family business.

After it, they started selling a variety of electronic products such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, washing machines, mp3 players and so on. In the present time, Mr.Bachan Singh’s grandson Karamjit Singh also works in his family business. It is a successful business.


Whenever I go there then, they all give me respect and tell me about newly launched electronic equipment. Karamjit Singh is my friend. I go to the “Preet Electronics” showroom to meet my friend. I admire their success. All in all, this is a successfull family business about which I know very well.

Sample 2:-

Well!  There are lots of families who run their own business and earns a huge amount of money. Today, I talk about a person Avneet Singh who is a business tycoon of our city nowadays. I know him from the last 15 years. He is our neighbor. His family ran a small tea shop at the center of market in our city from 10 years.

When my friend Avneet Singh completed his study about 3 years ago, then, he decided to join his family business and wanted to convert that tea shop into a our city’s number one restaurant. He did hard work to grow up his business. Finally, One and a half years ago, they got fruit for all of his hard work and success to build their own restaurant in our city. They also took a marriage place with their own catering facility which all handle Avneet’s younger brother.

Really, their family is inspiring family because they run family business generation by generation and not even only join family business but also take care of it or make it more successful day by day. I am always glad having a friend likes Avneet and neighbor like them.

Describe a family business that you know

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  1. Mam please tell if i read this cue card and all students also read it, this cue card speak by all students ta koi effect ta pahda on bands because all ne aahi sub sunna cue card

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  3. I hailed from one of the cities of Punjab named Amritsar.i have seen my own family business since my childhood .here I would like to talk about my own family business
    My grandfather was working under others since his childhood .he had decided to become an entrepreneur while he was 21 years old .he open a small shop of pesticide and fertilization.he had taken a loan from the bank. He invested a small number of money .he had been dedicated to his work .he had helped the people with visiting their fields and watched their crops and guided them .within a few years his business turned into biggest and greatest. My father had been supporting grandfather with his studies .after graduation my father handle all his business. After 20 years of running a business, our shop converted to the showroom. This showroom has given employment to 10 workers. Next, my parents are planning to give this showroom to me after my studies .i used to go there and sit with my father on holiday .and watch how my father is handling his customer. All in all our business is successful and reputed in our city

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