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Talk about a thing wanted from long time but have not done ielts exam

Talk about a thing wanted from a long time but have not done 

Every person has some dreams in his life which he wants to pursue in his life but everything happens at its proper time, I am a sociable person from nature and I always think to help the poor and needy people in different ways. since a decade ago, when I was a student in secondary school and I had taken my tuition classes from one of my school teachers. At that time, one incident happens in my life.

it was the time when I was doing my graduation.i studied in dm college, Moga. when I started taking classes I felt that I am weak in the subject of was a tough subject.i consult my economics teacher and told him about my problem. I requested him if he taught me this subject.he agreed to teach me and told me to take the tuition I started taking tuition classes.

one day when I took my tuition class, one boy came and asked the teacher that he wants to study but unable to pay the fees, But unfortunately, the teacher declined his request. So, I kept my mind on that day, that I will arrange some tuition classes for the needy students free of cost in the time period of my daily schedule. But I am so busy that I did not fulfill my dream, Now I decided that I will arrange the classes as soon as possible because my consciousness haunted me every day.


Q-1 from whom you learn the quality to help the poor and needy people?

Ans: I learn this quality from my grandfather.he was an agriculturalist. now he is no more in this world because he passed away a few years ago.i was very close to my grandfather since my childhood.he always taught me good qualities and good manners. he always became ready to help the poor people.

Q-2 do you encourage your friends to adopt this quality?

Ans: yes I often encourage my friends to adopt this quality to help the poor and needy people. I always motivate them by presenting examples in front of them. for instance, during last summer vacations, I went to Shimla with my friends. when we reached mall road I saw a poor person feeling cold because of lack of any shawl.i at once gave him my shawl and my friends not only praised me but promise me that they will do the same like me.

Q-3 is there any member in your family who is walking on the footprints of your grandfather?

Ans: whether all my family members always became ready to help the needy people.but my mother is more conscious towards this.i have often seen that whenever any poor person visit at our street and asked for some eatable then my mother feel very happy to give him eatables.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon



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Talk about a thing wanted for a long time but have not done

Talk about a thing wanted for a long time but have not done

Talk about a thing wanted for a long time but have not done


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