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Describe something you bought according to an advertisement you saw

Describe something you bought according to an advertisement you saw

What it was

Where you saw or heard about it

What it was about

Why you wanted to buy it  

Advertisements are an important part of the business industry. the success of a product depends upon an advertisement to a great extent. These TV and on company websites on the internet with the advent of technology. The economic situation of industries boosts up very high. I have seen many advertisements on Tv, but today I would like to talk about an ad which I have watched on Star news channel. it was about the launch of I phone 7 series mobile.

In this ad, the brand ambassador of this phone accompanied by the CEO of the company talked about the various features of this phone. The conversation was very impressive and after seeing this ad, I decided to buy this phone. I told about this to my elder brother lived in Canada. Fortunately, My Birthday was coming ahead. he sent me the money required to buy this phone and this was a moment of great surprise and happiness for me.

I immediately went to the market with my friend and bought this phone. It was water resistant and one has not to be worried about if it falls into the water. Moreover, it was the lock with fingerprints. So keeping in the view the security of this phone, it was very safe. Furthermore, It has many social communication applications. I was very happy with that movement I still have that phone and it plays a crucial role in my daily activities.


Q-1 What kinds of media are available for advertising in your country?

there are a large number of media sources available in my country like newspapers, television, internet, hoardings etc.different companies use different sources to promote their products. moreover, some companies hired salesmen to promote their products by going home to home.

Q-2 How do businessmen promote their products?

businessmen promote their products by giving advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television, the internet. they spend an exorbitant amount of money to make these advertisements and then telecast them on television and internet.they hired celebrities for this purpose and give them a large amount of money

Q-3 What kinds of advertisements are there in your country?

there are different kinds of advertisements in my country like cosmetics, fabrics, eatables, transport vehicles.there are other advertisements like the government arrange awareness programs and tell about this to people through television or internet.



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