Talk about a time when a restaurant provided you bad food service

Talk about a time when a restaurant provided you bad food service.

What had happened?
When did it happen?
How did you feel about it?

Sample 1:-

Well, a few people used to complain about little issues. I am not like them. I always try to be comfortable in every situation. But here I would like to talk about a time when I had complained to a hotel manager about bad food service. I explain it briefly.

About a couple of weeks ago, I went to a restaurant named “Preet Restaurant” for dinner with my family. I had organized a party for my family members as a treat of birthday. I had booked a family dining table in advance via phone call.
We were all excited about this dinner. When we reached there, I was astounded that there were not many people available. It is a famous hotel which has been crewing with many people all the time. We sit on the chairs. We all persons ordered food according to our choice.

The food order took place on the dining table. We started to eat it. I was being astonished that food all food items pizza, french fries and so on were chilled. A bad scent was coming from one food item named Rice Pudding.

Besides it, no waiter gave us water with the food. I got angry. I went into the cabin of the hotel manager and complained about such a bad quality of food service. I said to him that “I commonly go there to have a meal but unfortunately I feel so shocked about this thing”.

The manager apologized to me. He went to the kitchen of the hotel and scolded all the staff of the hotel for bad food service. He was apologizing to me again and again. He said to a waiter to take food back and asked them to provide a good food service.

The second time, food was delicious and we enjoyed it. After having dinner, we came back to my home. All in all that was the time when complained about the bad food service provided by a restaurant.

Sample 2:-

Well, there are many types of occasions when I have received good service at places like hotels, restaurant, government offices and so on. But, sometimes things went wrong and the experience was not good as compares to other services.

Now, I would like to talk about one such incident when I received bad food service at a restaurant. I remember that, last month. I had just finished my master and my friends decided to go to a party.

After it, we decided to go to a newly opened restaurant in my home town. Name of this restaurant was “Moon Shine” restaurant. We had heard a lot of good review on the internet and advisement on the local channel. It was a desi traditional restaurant located in the center of my city.

Interestingly, we reached the restaurant at 10:30 am and, at that time the restaurant closed but, usually this restaurant open at 9:00 am as well, we waited for 2 hours outside of this restaurant.

Moreover, we entered into the restaurant and, that moment we noticed the all tables and floor were dirty then, I asked the waiter to clean that. He took 15 minutes to do the cleaning and ask us for ordering.

Quickly, we ordered the special Punjabi thali but, despite our repeated requests to hurry up but, they took per hour to prepare our food. We also complained to the manager but his response was not good and, we all friends disappointed from him. He said we will have to wait as there is a huge rush.

Finally, our food came on the table and, I did not taste good because that food was not cooked properly. we again complained to the manager but, he was not ready to listen to us. So, we paid the bill and left to eat at another hotel.

That was the time when I received most blunt service at the restaurant and we will not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

You took your family to a nearby restaurant. You were disappointed with the meal and wish to complain to the manager

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