Talk About a Time When You Had to Sing a Song or a Poem in Front of the Public

Talk about a time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public. You should say

  • Where were you?
  • What did you sing?
  • How did you feel?

Sample 1

In my second year of college, Camfed, an organization of women which I was part of, had a program on women empowerment. It was a three-day program on campus, organized in one of the school’s auditoriums. Knowing I love poetry, the president called upon me to recite a poem.

It was so unexpected because I wasn’t told to prepare for it, but luckily, I had one memorized on women helping each other to make society better. Nevertheless, I felt anxious and jittery at the beginning as it was my first time doing a poetry recital before a crowd though I had times I recited Infront of the mirror in my room.

However, then I relaxed so I could do a better job and then began to recite my poem, which was on how women can unite, support each other, empower each other not to surpass or compete with men but for the sole purpose of bettering our own lives, the lives of those around us and just making the world a better place than we found it.


Many liked a line from the recital: “we don’t run around talking about how there are no good men, we become good women first and we know like will attract like.” After my recital, the auditorium was quiet for a few seconds and just when I handed over the microphone, a heard loud applause.

I was overjoyed and felt fulfilment that for once I stepped onto the stage and delivered my poem to a crowd, making them feel encouraged, which was evident as some of the ladies approached me after the event showing affection for my write up and telling me to continue the good work. It encouraged me also to keep writing and, most importantly, to share my pieces of poetry with others on similar occasions.

Sample 2

First of all, I have not come across this situation in my life ever because I have not been into the situation where someone has asked me to sing a song for them or a poem. I am quite unfamiliar with this question because I have not tried or have given a thought to sing the sound in front of people if I imagine that I can try to sing a song, but I do not want you I feel ashamed afterwards if I sound very bad however I remember when the incident which had happened in my college when just my friends were sitting, and I’ve tried to sing a song, but I regret the decision because they have told me that forget about the voice, but the lyrics are also wrong.

From that point on, birds, I’ve never given a thought about the sing a song or a poem in front of people. Because if I ever give a thought also I will just think about this situation where you’re never only my friends, but what if I screw up when I sing in front of the people, and also I have not Learnt how to sing a song or a poem, and I’m also very bad at remembering the lines, so I prefer not to sing a song.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time When You Had to Sing a Song or a Poem in Front of the Public

Question 1. Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?

Answer 1:- Most youngsters enjoy trending songs, songs with sounds that easily attract their attention or emotional ones they can relate with since their teenage years when feelings for the opposite sex are awakened. On the other hand, adults often enjoy songs from their teenage years, songs that speak more about life or songs of encouragement that helps them through difficult times. As a person grows, their preference for music and what captures their attention to a particular song changes; therefore, teenagers and adults have different interests in music.

Answer 2:- I think so teenagers and adults, and due to this modernization all are enjoying the same kind of songs. Yes, there can be some other changes in the selection of a song but I think so many of the adults are listening to the same songs which the adults are also listening there is not much of the variety in the songs, and they can nowadays understand the meaning of the songs so I think this can also be the reason why they prefer the same songs which we adults choose and the music which is given to the song is also the reason they choose the same song.

Question 2. What are the factors that make people like a song?

Answer 1:- People show a preference for a song when the lyrics are relatable. They are able to feel the same emotions the composer aims to send across. Others like a song that keeps them going on a hard day. They build an emotional attachment to it and like it over others. Some others also like a song because they love how the sound engineering was done and would even go-ahead to try to get it on their personal devices such as mobile phones. There are yet others who grow to like a song because a loved one likes it and they hear it often, such as a daughter growing to like her father’s favourite songs, which she hears most frequently.

Answer 2:- First and foremost I think the voice music the lyrics are the factors being considered to like a song also we have known that there is a piece of updated music or hello key music some people prefer the upbeat music much nowadays they also like to considered factors such as the lyrics which are related to their situation and some music can give positive energy is also being taken into consideration while other prefer not to choose the music which is giving us the negative wipes he did not choose that song.

Question 3. On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

Answer 1:- First of all, during national events where the tune for the national anthem is played, most people in Ghana can’t help but sing along together, which is the same during school assemblies where either the national or the school’s anthem is sung. At celebrations such as parties, Ghanaians are often found singing together. Lastly, religious events such as church programmes draw Ghanaians into singing together to praise God.

Answer 2:- In my country all the other countries I think when we’re celebrating 30 all the people are singing birthday songs altogether and also nowadays we can see that the crowd which is present at the concerts there was a single song together and I think when we are joining two make someone happy we all sing together however in my country when we do puja the arti is sung by all the people together because this can give positive energy to all of us. Also, it is mandatory while we do puja, all the people have to sing Arti, and the national anthem is also one thing taken into consideration in all the countries where people sing at one time.

Question 4. Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Answer 1:- Songs which instil in children good moral values, work etiquette are the ones most suitable for children. They teach children how to behave in society, how to be good citizens and what is expected of them from society. As children listen to these kinds of songs on a frequent basis, they naturally try to live up to what the songs teach and, as such, grow up to be better members of society. For example, songs that talk about great leaders in the country and how they helped the country become a better place instils the value of patriotism in children, and as humans tend to become what we most frequently hear, see or are told, the children grow up as patriotic citizens. Songs that talk about the danger of haphazardly littering the environment inculcates in children the duty of keeping their environments clean.

Answer 2:- Nowadays there is no such song that can be good for children Because this song which we are learning or listening to they also adapt very very fast however in my country people make the children listen to the songs morning which gives them motivation or this song which is related to an ancient culture so this will not only give them knowledge, but they will also be able to understand the values of our culture why do we sing that song and understand that lyrics.

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