Talk About a Time When You Read a Map

Talk about a time when you read a map or find direction using a map. You should say:

  • When and where you were?
  • How did you feel?
  • How was your overall experience?

Erudition of geographical place is paramount, especially before visiting or trip; otherwise, we need to depend on others aid. In these contemporary times, a host of layman use smartphone; hence, it reduces to take a map’s piece of paper, I mean a soft copy of the map.

Today I would like to talk about the time when I desperately required a map if I remember right then it was 3 years ago. It was a holiday for me; thus, I made a plan to visit Rajasthan. I went there by luxury bus with my college friends. We are three, and no one has insights. All had a maiden state tour. After reaching the next day, we want jungle for photography. The name of the jungle is not remembered at the time, but it was greenly.

For searching photoshoot location, we forgot where we are; after a couple of hours, we realized it, but it was too late. I immediately open my phone and turn on the internet, although unfortunately, the network was not poor for connection.

We all are afraid and scared to silent of place. If someone chance his foot location and that time voice of dry treed leave also scared us and pointed our attention. We don’t know what to do, after some period one of our members whose name is Jatin remembered that he carries a soft copy of the map in his bag, suddenly we got relief. We both are also angry with him for information too late.

And, We find it out where we entered and where we are, the biggest advantage is that forest is a nearby river and small mountains hence it is mentioned in maps.

It was a sweet and scary experience; our heartbeat was not normal once time, but we find its outer path. That experience also teaches us one lesson that every time depending on Morden technical equipment or thing is not good, it also forges tribulation. Sometimes, the method or things that carry by our ancestors is also helpful.

Follow-Ups Talk About a Time When You Read a Map

Question 1:- How easy is it to travel around your country?

I think it is not easy as we think; it requires a lot of money so, financial capability is primarily, and time is also. Travelling facilities is also pivotal.

Question 2:- Which method of travel do you consider the safest? Why?

Personally, I consider train as safest travelling way over others such as plan, car, bike etc. It is also economically beneficial for travellers. In India, the majority of citizens preference is also to train since it started. It has its own route and path, so less chance of accidents.

Question 3:- Has travel become safer in recent years than that was in the past?

Without any doubt, yes, in past times, people were not aware of safety things and facilities was also not developed for safety, however, presently things are developed by measuring safety first, the authority also stimulates people and people understand it and follow safety rules. For instance, a few decades ago, people avoid wearing helmets, while now people like to wear helmets and seat belt before driving.

Question 4:- What are the pros and cons of a GPS navigation system?

GPS aid people to find their way as well as they can know their perfect geographical location. In urban areas, people can know further roads traffic situation. On the other hand, quality of internet connection is primarily requirements.

Question 5:- Should the government in a country focus more on rail transports or road transports? Why?

I think both modes of transportation is needed. For commercial use and long route, railways are better options while the inner route of city road transport is good. A good road is better rails facilities both are pivotal for any country’s citizen.

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