Talk About a Time You Missed an Appointment

Talk about a time you missed an Appointment

  • When and where did it happen?
  • What was the appointment for?
  • What happened when you missed it?
  • And explain how you felt about the appointment.

Sample 1 Talk About a Time You Missed an Appointment

Well, people make appointments and sometimes they have it with their friends, teachers and elders. I also have it, and it was with the teacher of my child. I needed to attend parents- teachers’ meetings with my child in her school.

I was on the way, and suddenly I received a phone call. It was my friend who urgently needed some money. She was at my home. Unfortunately, my mobile phone was not with me to transfer money.

I had to go back. During this time, I got late and couldn’t meet the teacher. I felt bad as I wanted to know the progress of my child. I made a request to her and asked for another date. After pleading a lot, I got the time after three days. So I ensured myself to be on time. So that was the time when I missed my appointment.


Sample 2 Talk About a Time You Missed an Appointment

I remember one time when I missed an appointment that I had been looking forward to for weeks. It was a meeting with a potential employer that I had scheduled to discuss a job opportunity.

The meeting was set to take place on a Tuesday afternoon at a coffee shop near my home. I had been preparing for it for days, researching the company and rehearsing my pitch. However, on the day of the meeting, I got caught up in some urgent work-related tasks and lost track of time. By the time I finished, it was already past the scheduled time for the meeting, and I realized that I had missed it.

I was incredibly disappointed in myself for missing the appointment. I knew how important it was, and I felt like I had let myself down. I immediately sent an apology email to the employer, explaining what had happened and offering to reschedule the meeting. Fortunately, they were understanding and agreed to meet with me the following week.

Despite the employer’s understanding, I couldn’t help but feel anxious and embarrassed about the situation. I worried that my tardiness might have given the wrong impression about my reliability and professionalism. However, I used the experience as a learning opportunity to better manage my time and prioritize my schedule.

Overall, missing the appointment was a humbling experience, and it taught me the importance of being organized and prepared for important engagements. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to reschedule the meeting and prove myself as a serious candidate for the job.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Time You Missed an Appointment

Question 1:- Which events in your country do most people forget?

Answer – Well, people mostly forget about anniversaries, birthday dates, and funerals of people. They forget because of being absent-minded.

Question 2:- Do you think it is a good idea to use electronic devices for putting reminders?

Answer – Yes, it’s a good idea to save one’s relationship with a closed one. People often fall out with each other over these issues. With the help of reminders, they can keep their bondings healthy.

Question 3:- How can modern technology help you keep good memories?

Answer – Modern technology helps a lot in keeping good memories as we have cameras and video recorders. With the help of these, people can store well past time and rejuvenate themselves by recounting those moments.

Question 4:- Is human memory important nowadays?

Answer – Yes, it is important, although people have digital technology. It is because of the good functioning of their brain cells and for keeping good feelings like empathy, love and respect.

Question 5:- Can electronic devices such as smartphones replace human memory?

Answer – Yes, these can replace because people are dependent on them. They even don’t know their phone number and have saved their own contact number in the phone book.

Question 6:- Is it essential to be punctual in your country?

Answer – Of course, it is essential to be on time. People feel offended if others make them wait for hours. People don’t trust them.

Question 7:- Is it easy to make an appointment in India?

Answer – Well, it is quite easy with the help of electronic devices. With one click, they can make appointments either with a friend, doctor or a trader.

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