Talk about an achievement you are proud of

Talk about an achievement you are proud of

What you did

When did you do it

Why did that achievement make you proud   

An achievement means when you get to set a goal in your life and after that, you move towards that with hard work and dedication and when you achieved that goal you really feel proud of it today I would like to talk about my passion for folk dance of Punjabi Bhangra. it was the time when a small function is organized in the school on the eve of the new year. Our teacher in charge was selecting the boys from the class for making the team of folk dance. I was good enough in dance since my childhood but unfortunately, he rejected me.

I felt very sad but on that day I made up my mind that one day I will make my name in the folk dance of Punjab. I started taking dance classes from an expert coach. when I left the school and took admission in the college for my higher studies at the  Punjab University Chandigarh chosen our college to organize Punjab university zonal youth festival. I was very excited . an expert coach was hired to prepare the folk dance team. with God’s grace, I was selected at the time and we started preparing for the festival with courage and hard work the coach always appreciated me to see my dedication toward folk dance. he declared me the caption of the team.

finally, the day of the festival came and we performed bhangra at the stage .everyone was shouted with joy and happiness as it was our home ground. on the award ceremony, the university coaches declared first prize for our team . furthermore tears came into my eyes when the mentor team selected me as the best folk dancer of the youth festival. it was like a dream comes true. I really proud of that achievement and that was an unforgettable movement for me.


Q1: What qualities are needed to become successful?

Ans: there are a number of qualities needed for a person to become successful in any field in his life.the first and foremost thing is to set an appropriate goal in your mind and then do efforts to achieve that with concentration, hard work and dedication toward that goal.

Q2 Do you think the way people gain success has changed?

Ans: undoubtedly the way people gain success nowadays has changed the past time, people gave preference to hard work, concentration and dedication toward work.but in this modern era, people want to gain success in shortcut ways which decreases the importance of hard work and dedication toward the work.

Q3 How to reward successful people?

Ans: there are a number of ways by which success could be rewarded. the first thing is these people could be appreciated for their success. incentives and bonuses should be given to these people.

Q4 What qualities does a person need to have, to be successful?

Ans: there are many qualities that a person should have to become successful in his life.the first thing is he should have the understanding of choosing the right goal and then move towards it with hard work, concentration, and dedication to achieve it.

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Talk about an achievement you are proud of

Talk about an achievement you are proud of Talk about an achievement you are proud of Talk about an achievement you are proud of Talk about an achievement you are proud of Talk about an achievement you are proud of

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