Talk About an Activity You Do After Work or School

Talk about an activity you do after work or School
What activity is it?
When and where you do it?
Who you do it with?
Why you do it?

Everyone loves to play diverse kind of games in their childhood. In my childhood, I love to play several inside or outside games. Usually, I get 2 hours on my weekdays, so I use to do several activities at that time. Here I would like to talk about an activity which I did after my work.

As everyone has a huge fan of cricket, I am also one of those. I love to play and watch cricket. We play cricket in a big playground which is near to my house in early time we do not have phones to call our friends for anything. So we start calling our friends and neighbour from their home while shouting their names and everyone come out of their houses within seconds. And we went to the ground where we started making our teams. First, we do toss for batting or bowling, and then we make some rules according to convenience.

Then we start playing the match; we took a proper feeling of the official match as we select one person as a referee. We complete our match almost in two hours and the losing team give a treat to the winning team, which is the best part we consider at that time. Most Indians like to play cricket in their leisure time.


Everyone has a different type of craze for playing cricket; even three years kids love to play cricket in India. It rejuvenates our mind, and we get satisfaction after playing this game; that’s why I love to play

Part 3 Follow-Ups Talk About an Activity You Do After Work or School

Question 1: Do you like to do risky things?

Ans: Definitely Yes! As I love to do risky things in my life because it is adventures. It gives us different kind of satisfaction when we succeed in these things. Moreover, taking risk is a way to explore our limit and get to know our abilities.

Question 2: Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Ans: There are several reasons to choose extreme sports. Like one want to explore their limits as well as they want some adventure In their life. Some people want to make these name in extreme sports as they do not want to live a simple life.

Question 3: Why do some people eat the same things all the time?

Ans: Well, It is a personal choice of a person as some people stick to their simple lifestyle and they do not like to eat several kinds of unhygienic things. Moreover, some people suffer from digestion, so they cannot eat a different kind of things.

Question 4: Why is it good to be adventurous?

Ans: This is the way to make our life exited as well as one came to know about their abilities. Moreover, people get more knowledge while doing various adventure in different places. They came to know about several cultures too.

Question 5: Why are some sports expensive? Are they for everyone?

Ans: Well, some sports are expensive because of their investment purpose. Like golf which is one of the expensive sports that exist. This sport needs acres of land and very expensive maintenance. Everyone cannot afford this sport due to its expensive memberships.

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